Alcoholic Kelvin Slush Now Available At The Most Famous Arena In The World

(credit: Kelvin Slush twitter)
(credit: Kelvin Slush twitter)

Ever had an Alcoholic Kelvin Slush? Both the Kelvin Natural Slush Truck and Ice Cube are off the street for the winter, but that doesn’t mean the Kelvin folks have been hibernating.

Our friends at Kelvin Natural Slush Co have been making some BIG deals, one for the most famous arena in the world.

During the summer, we told you about Kelvin Slush expanding into hotels and restaurants with custom flavors. This includes alcoholic and virgin slushes at selected places.

Now you can get 6 types of Kelvin Slush at Madison Square Garden! Four of the flavors include alcohol and two flavors are virgin.

The 4 alcoholic flavors are:

1.       Spiked Half & Half (bourbon, citrus slush, tea slush, white peach puree)

2.       Red Sangria (red wine, citrus slush, blueberry, raspberry & green apple puree)

3.       Strawberry Fields (vodka, ginger slush, citrus slush, strawberry puree)

4.       Dark & Stormy (dark rum, ginger slush)

The 2 non-alcoholic flavors are:

1.       Strawberry Lemonade (citrus slush, strawberry puree)

2.       White Peach Half & Half (tea slush, citrus slush, white peach puree).

Anybody who’s been to MSG knows how big it is, so let us direct you to The Slush. There is a stand featuring only Kelvin products on the 8th floor concourse (Sections P8/P9).  This slush stand features the 6 Kelvin Slush flavors mentioned above.

In addition to the stand on the 8th floor, there are slush machines at several bars around the arena. Initially it looks like the Kelvin Slush machines will be on the 8th floor at the “Bar at the Garden”, on the 6th floor at “Bar Madison”, and “Farley’s Bar”. The locations are all subject to change.

There has been a soft opening for the past month or so, and now things are full steam ahead.

Congratulations to Zack and Alex for getting their world-class slushes into the most famous arena in the world.

We’ll be going to MSG in April for Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to try a Dark & Stormy.

(credit: Kelvin SLush twitter)
(credit: Kelvin Slush twitter)