On a cold, rainy day like today, doesn’t a cup of delicious hot chocolate sound good?

As with many foods and drinks these days, hot chocolate is undergoing a transformation.  Innovative chefs are now making artisanal hot chocolate using a variety of interesting flavors and methods.

We told you about Coolhaus’ new line of Signature Hot Chocolate flavors such as Nutella Toasted Almond, Dirty Mint Chip, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chipotle.

Last month Popbar introduced hot chocolate on a stick. A cube of premium chocolate, when swirled in hot milk, turns into a frothy cup of delectable hot chocolate.  Hot Chocolate on a Stick is individually wrapped with simple instructions on how to prepare it, and you can get milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate (or all of them).

We’re lucky in that we live near the Popbar store at 5 Carmine Street in Greenwich Village, by the West 4th Street subway station.

But if you don’t live nearby, you can now get Hot Chocolate on a Stick delivered to your home or office nationwide.

Popbar has partnered with to offer single units, 3-packs, 6-pack and 12-pack gift boxes for online shipment nationwide.  Just click on the following link.

In addition to shipping nationwide, they also have a Manhattan delivery service.

Now you can enjoy Hot Chocolate on a Stick wherever you live in the US.



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