If you read the same tweets I read, you may have noticed that more people than ever seem to be using Food To Eat to place their advance orders with New York food trucks.  Big D’s Grub Truck has been one of the beneficiaries of the easy-to-order Food To Eat system.

If you are not familiar with Food To Eat, it’s an online ordering service where you put in your address, and they tell you who is nearby that you can order from. You then place your order online, pay for it online, and pick up lunch at the appointed time and place. They work with many of the top food trucks, which is a great way to avoid lines, especially on a crappy weather day like today.

If you don’t want to even go out, you can have food delivered, Food To Eat has a great selection of restaurants too. I put in my office address near Columbus Circle and got back 28 restaurants to choose from for delivery to my office. There were also 18 food trucks and carts where you can pre-order for pick up.  That’s very helpful when I’m buried at work.

Click here to go to their homepage and give them a try.

Full disclosure: Food To Eat is a paid advertiser on the New York Street Food website, although they did not pay for this post, or even know it was coming.


  1. Very interesting concept that I intend to use. Just one question – I assume they provide an option to pay online, simular to Seemless and GrubHub, so what happens if you order, pay, and then the cops chase the truck away? I know that this has been happening less as of late (fingers crossed) but I’m curuious to find out how they would handle that situation.

  2. That’s a great question Mike, and this exact situation just came up a few weeks ago.

    As of now the food trucks on our site offer cash-only options. So the customer’s would never pre-pay for an order but go to the site to pick-up, skip the line and then pay in cash. In our case with a customer ordering from the Frying Dutchmen but then arriving after after the Frying Dutchmen was forced to leave, we simply called the customer and told him what had happened. Once we begin accepting credit card payments for food trucks, we will offer a full refund of course if the truck is not present. Every day though food trucks change locations and move around the city, so we make it our priority to stay on top of their whereabouts as best as possible.

    You can email us at for any specific questions about how we operate


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