Coolhaus Menu Keeps Pushing The Flavor Envelope

(credit: Coolhaus

Just when you thought Coolhaus couldn’t get any crazier with their flavors (Peking duck ice cream anyone?), a couple of new flavors cross our twitter stream. They’ve beefed up their Coolhous Menu.

Torani, the wonderful syrup company, made Chicken ‘N Waffles Syrup. Yes, it started as a joke, but now it’s real.

After making it a reality, Torani teamed up with Coolhaus to make chicken ‘n waffles marshmallows. Wow! That looks off the hook! How do we get some?

Earlier this year, Coolhaus put out this how-to video about how you can make chicken ‘n waffles ice cream at home. Did anyone try it?

Not to neglect the cookie side of the ice cream sandwich equation,  Coolhaus had a contest to come up with a new cookie flavor. This week they announced the winner of their #FlavorEnvy Cookie Contest. The winner, Ellen Bogen, came up with Mexican Chocolate Apple Pie Cookies. Can’t wait to try those with some Coolhaus ice cream in the middle.

(credit: NYSF)