Filipino street food

There are all sorts of interesting street food made and sold in the Philippines. Click through to hear about some of the more interesting ones, such as Betamax, “new bacon”, balut and kikiam.


Betamax is dried chicken blood that is shaped into cubes and cooked on the grill. The blood is extracted from the chicken and set aside to cool. This leaves a gelatinous substance that is scalded to form a more solid state. It is then cut into rectangles and placed on a stick, at which point it resembles the shape of a Betamax tape, where the name comes from.

The Philippines is also famous for a tasty snack referred to as the “new bacon” which is deep-fried chicken skin, breaded with flour and dipped in vinegar.


Filipinos also love balut – fertilized duck eggs with a fetus inside that are between seventeen to twenty one days in gestation. Philippine folklore says that eating these eggs wards off evil spirits and they are as popular in the Philippines as hot dogs are in the US.  Care needs to be taken when eating this because there may be feathers or bones in the eggs.

Kikiam is another popular Philippine street food and it is made with ground pork and vegetables. This mixture is placed in bean curd sheets and fried over high heat until golden brown. It’s usually served with sweet and sour sauce on the side for dipping and can be found all over the region at many different street vendors. It makes for the perfect finger food and it has a great meaty taste.

If you go to the Philippines, make sure to try some their abundant street food to get a unique glimpse into their local culture. [Made Manual]

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