El Floridano

We’re not here to put someone down for no reason, but the soon-to-be El Floridano food truck in Washington DC (by way of Miami) needs to straighten out a few things before hitting the road.  Let’s go to the menu for two things right off the bat.

One of our favorite foods is banh mi.  Besides using turkey meatloaf instead of pate (which is the chef’s option), they also spelled banh mi wrong.  A friend of mine has a book entitled “I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar”, and the same goes for misspellings, which are especially unforgivable on your menu.

El Floridano menu

Also, the first item on the menu is a classic Cuban sandwich called the Fidel.  That’s really gonna go over big in  Washington!  The owner says the sandwich is named after his friend Fidel – but in Washington it’s going to be mistaken as being named after Fidel Castro.  Not exactly the best way to drum up business in Washington.

Hopefully, they won’t announce their arrival by blaring “Luuuucy…I’m ho-oome!” through the speakers.  (Although that would probably attract Sen. Coburn for lunch.)

The truck does have some cool artwork though. [Prince of Petworth]

El Floridano back of truck