Podcast Alert: “It’s Saturday Night in New York City”

Saturday night in New york city

A new cool podcast is out there, “In The Service”, gutting the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Food and service Industry.

“Anyone who’s spent any time as a server, dishwasher, or chef will certainly recognize—perhaps with some fondness—the ordeals cheerfully and humorously recounted here.” -The AV Club

The podcast showcases the restaurant industry from the perspective of Kath Howells and Clair Matson, two rad chicks living and serving in New York City, who met working together at a restaurant, became friends and took their unique friendship to the next level by starting a podcast together.

“We met working at a restaurant downtown last year and became friends quickly. We would go out after our nights working together to dish about how our night went- ranging from the customers to our coworkers and the best and worst stories that we had. We have so many stories and know so many people who are currently or have previously worked in the industry that we wanted to start a show to share them. In The Service is a podcast for everyone – industry workers, non industry, food enthusiasts, drink lovers and for anyone who likes to laugh.”

Kath and Clair invite a special guest each week who is currently or has previously been in the industry so they can share their special experience. Guests are usually regular staff, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, comedians, and business owners. The show’s topics range from bad Yelp reviews, tipping culture, and sexism in the industry, to dating in the workplace and dealing with drunk diners. Guests range from sommeliers, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, comedians, and business owners.

Here’s a sample:

Episode 4: “Waitress Was Mean” – Our favorite Yelp reviews about ourselves and our co-servers feat. Jen Neal. Everyone thinks that they’re a restaurant critic and reviewer on Yelp and Open Table. Kath and Jan discuss how they think these public reviews have affected the restaurant industry and their jobs as servers. Yelp is also the reason that they’ll never use their real names during service. Here to chat is special guest, Jen Neal about her experience in the industry pre and post Yelp!

So if you like to eat, drink, or laugh, then “In The Service” is for you!