Visiting Limani Roslyn in Long Island: Tasting Greek Mediterranean Cuisine

Limani Roslyn restaurant
By Ron Rossi


Thinking of visiting Limani Roslyn restaurant? Read my review to get a glimpse. 

There are times when we want to try something different when going out to eat. We think of something that is not here in NYC, but someplace else. It can be everything and anything we might want. And, at times, it might be a place we want to reach for a change. That might be a place that is both Greek and Mediterranean in taste and flavor.

It might remind you of being in Mykonos, Santorini, Crete or even in Rhodes. Having been over there before we wanted to try a meal like that which was over here both local and fresh. It offers seafood and more. It is a taste we have and explore here but reminds us of something new.

Welcome to LIMANI in ROSLYN. It is the combination of Greek-Mediterranean cuisine that is right here on Long Island.

Entering Limani in Roslyn

When you pull up to Limani you know you are in a new place. Walk inside and the host will know you have made a reservation to take a place for the meal. It is a place that already has a large collection of individuals who are here and having a meal they want to enjoy.

Limani NYC
The Fresh fish bar. Photo by Ron Rossi

You are seated at your table and handed the menu and a beverage guide. The menus are filled with a wide variety of appetizers, first and second entrees, additions, and some classics. There is even a collection of raw oysters, clams, and other seafood you can choose from as you decide. And all at a price to consider.

There is seafood and meats to choose from. The whole fish is fresh. It is not frozen. This is what they have received today to offer you. There is a raw bar with new items to consider. The meats were freshly cut and aged to be grilled or fried.

There were orders of salads and vegetables. There are appetizers, entrees, and more to choose from. Even though they are Greek from appearance there are no gyros or Greek salads or items we might have had at a small Greek establishment. Limani is on a grander scale. They even have specialties that include lobsters, clams, shrimp, and more.

When you look around you see some items that everyone selects. Salmon is a popular item. So is the tomato salad. It is all to decide. And when you look for a wine or a cocktail that is here for you as well. There are a variety of choices to choose from. And all at a variety of prices as well. Here at Limani, the range is endless.


As they brought the wine for us they also brought our first appetizer. Their famous Tomato Salad. This was a fresh salad that was big. The size of the tomato needed to be cut with a knife to make it bite-size. It was fresh. It also came with half a green pepper and onions that were raw but would normally be used for cooking. It did not have slices of red onion with more flavor. The salad did include a slice of Feta cheese. It was small. No pepper or salt. No Greek spice. Not even oil and vinegar we could taste. It was a bowl with large tomatoes and a piece of feta. That was it. This tasted well but nothing more. It was not the normal Greek salad you would expect in Greece.

Limani Roslyn NYC
The Salad. Photo by Ron Rossi

Next, we received the Calamari. It was truly fresh. It was breaded. It was light. It was crisp and delightful. This had a good flavor as expected. It had some spice added. It was not heavy. It did include a little sauce to dip in as you take a bite. This was a good size and could have been the entree by itself. It was just right. We could not wait to see the next course.

Grilled Octopus was next on the menu for us. This, also, was fresh. The octopus was coated and grilled. That is all. It did not have salt, pepper, and spice. There was a hint of lemon and very little olive oil that was all. We looked at it and gave it a try. It was grilled. It was dark, a bit hard, and parts of it could not be eaten as it was burnt. When we mentioned this to the waiter they just took it away. That was all. No comments. No offer to bring a new piece. It was done.

The Main Selection: Branzino Fish and Lamb Chops

As the entree arrived it was as we selected true Surf-and-Turf. Here we received a combination of Branzino fish and Lamb Chops.

The Branzino was fresh. It was lightly grilled with some olive oil and nothing more. It was an entire fish that was split in two so you could share it in half or eat the entire fish. Even the fish head is offered if you want to eat the cheek, which is a delicacy. There were no other spices and could have used some more flavor.

The Lamb Chop was lamb chops. The two chops that are presented were fresh, moist, and medium-rare. This was right off the grill. Nothing else was added to it. No spices were added. It was a good lamb in the French style on the bone. You could take a slice and know what you had here. This actually turned out to be one of the best pieces to offer.

We also received a side offer of grilled vegetables. They included asparagus, slices of eggplant, peppers, and zucchini. There was even a piece of grilled feta cheese that was soft and moist. The vegetables had no flavoring or spice. They were grilled and charred. Some of the pieces could not be eaten since they were burnt. This too was bland, so we left that to the side.

LIMANI restaurant nyc
Mix of grilled vegetables. Photo by Ron Rossi

It was an interesting combination for our main entree. One item was soft. One item was firm. The fish was tender and fresh with the right texture.  The lamb had the taste that was traditional when fresh and grilled. 


Once the table is cleared it is time for dessert. For us, this included a traditional Greek-Mediterranean pastry of Loukoumades or better known as Sfogliatella,  the honey ball with cinnamon and sugar. This is always a way to end a traditional meal.

The selection we received was warm, freshly made. It had the right combination of sugar and honey that you could eat with a fork or pick up with your hand and take a bite. It was ideal with a coffee such as an espresso. This offering of Loukoumades was light enough to enjoy after the meal we had finished.

In fact, this was a fine way to finish. It was just enough to even bring home with us. It was a perfect pastry as we would have had in Greece or Italy.


Limani in Roslyn is a place to consider. It is a bit pricey. The table for two is a bit small. The table for four or more is bigger. The location is even ideal for a large party that you have invited to join you for dinner. The variety is extensive. The plates are big. The noise is a bit loud.

It is the place to be seen inside from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. There is even a large wine cellar on the main floor. A good variety and selection with some history and selection. Limani can also host a private “Tasting” reservation if you and your friends or family sit in a private room and have a special event.

We met with Tim the manager. He was very helpful and kind. He answered any questions we might have as we selected what they prepared for our courses. The waiters and colleagues were very nice. They are very busy and not always available. They brought you what you wanted and served you fast. You can even see the kitchen where the chef and the team prepare the meals that they bring to you. It is excellent.

You can even see the kitchen. Photo by Ron Rossi

If you are looking for a place that is special, unique, and different, then Limani in Roslyn is a place to consider. You can enter the event with big promotions of design, impression, personality, and more. Pass the various Bentleys, the Rolls Royces, and the McLarens that are sitting right outside the main entry. See the customers who are ready to be there, eat and be on display. The environment is interesting. For conversation, it is a wonderful place to be. The meal is here for you. Limani is an event which you can visit when you need to try something different.

One final note, Limani also has a location in Rockefeller Center in New York City. This is available if you work in the city or plan to be in the city for dinner one night. The choice is yours.



1043 Northern Blvd

Roslyn, New York 11576

Phone: (516) 869-8989



45 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, New York 10111

Phone: 212-858-9200

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