Tasting La Maison du Chocolate: Is This Chocolate Paradise?

La Maison du Chocolate

La Maison du Chocolate on Madison Ave introduced a preview of their 2018 Valentines Collection last Tuesday. Add in bubbles and you have the most perfect Tuesday evening on the Upper East Side.

The space is elegant with an understated decadence. It’s a room full of chocolate!! Beautifully merchandised but also reminds you of a sweet Shoppe in Paris or a quaint Mom and Pop Store if Mom and Pop were beautiful French people kissing you on both cheeks.

In the heart of Parisian Gardens

La Maison du Chocolate’s Valentine’s collection is a stylized study in Parisian landscape architecture. Nicolas Cloiseau sets the stage for strolls through Paris’ verdant pathways and hidden ponds, from rows of linden trees to the orangeries of the gardens. Tenderness is infused into this year’s Valentine’s Collection depicting the City of Lights in a beguiling melody of fragrances and flavors…

La Maison du Chocolate

La Maison du Chocolate


As I look at this collection box I imagine myself as Mary Poppins and jumping into a chalk sidewalk drawing taking me to Paris.
La Maison du Chocolate
The box: Kim Roselier Illustrator

My heavenly Tasting…

The Valentine Collection is a quartet that sings to your taste buds in notes of ginger and sea salt and citrus composed in a velvet melody.


Dark chocolate ganache features an orange/blood orange infusion to underscore the nuances of the citrus’ finest flavors. The ganache is gently stirred with both the citrus’ juice and the zest to awaken the crisp, bubbling notes of the finest chocolate.

Fruity Jasmine

With its more moderate tones, the fruity sensation of a sweet mango gelée, mixed with a subtle dash of vanilla, is juxtaposed to the delicate undertones of white jasmine flowers.  In a rich, creamy ganache the fruit and infused flowers are enhanced with salty a touch of caramel.  (My personal favorite)

La Maison du ChocolateLemon tilleul honey

With a sweet rush of milk chocolate, the floral symphony of Parisian linden trees envelop our palates with delicate flavors.  The sour melody of the lemon juice complements the herbal whiff of the ganache and leaves room for the creamy notes of honey.

Zested Ginger

Just imagine Parisian energy coded into short sequences. Ginger and lemon tones alternate each other in a dark almond praliné with accents of caramelized nuts. The spicy, peppery rush of one shakes up the acidulous side of the other in an exhilarating pairing, which is sure to be noticed.


Orangeraie: dark chocolate ganache with the juice of blood oranges, and oranges with a zest infusion.

Fruity jasmine: milk chocolate ganache with a jasmine infusion on top of a vanilla mango gelée.

Lemon tilleul honey: milk chocolate ganache with tilleul, tilleul honey, enhanced with lemon juice.

Zested ginger: dark chocolate praliné with almonds and ginger with zests of candied lemon.

Available in the boutiques and online on January 24, 2018

La Maison du Chocolat

Madison Boutique – 1018 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10075

(718) 361 9161





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