Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck

Yes, it’s another gorgeous day outside. Perfect for enjoying some great New York Street Food from the vendors on the right and the trucks below.

Don’t forget about the free Malaysian Kitchen Food Truck at 40th St on the south side of Bryant Park. They will be giving away nasi lemak and kari ayam from Fatty Crab today and tomorrow.

The LCB Burger Truck is trying a midtown location on 47th St between Lex & Park instead of their usual Wall St spot.  If you try them, let us know how you like their burgers.

As always, check the pink Mobile Muchies twitter feed on our homepage before heading out, in case anyone had to move at the last minute.

nyccravings 24th btw park & madison. Ready by 11:30!

biggayicecream I’ll be at Union Square this afternoon. I’ll give you an ETA in a bit- first off to Fairway, where a secret stash of something figgy awaits.
LCBBurgerTruck We moved! The LCB Burger Truck is now on 47th S. betw. Lex and Park. Try our delicious all natural steakburgers & delicious NEW sandwiches!
RickshawTruck Dumpling hungry like a tyrannosaurus rex? Well our truck is parked at 52 + Lex as well as at 52 bet 6av +7av from 11a-3p. 11am-3pm
CupcakeStop CupcakeStop Trucks on 98th and Madison and 7th and 29th and boy did they come with extra deliciousness today! Red Velvet,Funfetti,Vanilla Choc,Oreo,Carrot Cake,Choc Vanilla,Triple Choc,Mocha & Vanilla Strawberry along w/ delicious cookies & brownies!
UncleGussys Just got to the spot, and we got the chops 😉 Just in case u didn’t know it’s all prepared by MOM. Delicious lamb chops,tzatziki souvlaki!,,,,,,yummy
schnitzeltruck Morning everyone! Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend. Time to get back to schnitzness. We’ll b @ 46th b/w 5th & 6th. Vealification? Yess
StreetSweets Good morning Street Sweets is happy to b back at it today. We will b on 46th St & 6th Ave until 5p, hot chocolate to die 4 is just days away
cakeandshake We’re open today at the Met and Washington Square Park all day…it is a Shake day. WOW!
EddiesPizzaNY Don’t forget, we are on 52nd and 6th today!
joyridetruck Joyride will be serving it up at 26th & Park from 7:45am-6:00pm.
fritesnmeats Lunch today @ 52nd and park! Preorder 19172929226 we open @ 11
quickstopkosher Hope to see y”all in front of B&H today!! Serving Falafel,paninis,egg sandwiches,waffles and french fries!!call for free delivery 2126746666
Mexicue Mexicue has a private event today… back out tomorrow!!
souvlakitruck Got a boatload of paperwork 2 do, plus some real heavy-lifting type stuff on the we’re off the road for today. Back 2 normal tmrw!
Hoboken/Jersey City

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TheTacoTruck It’s Taco Tuesday @ TTT. Get an order of tacos a side of rice and beans and one of our delicious aguas frescas all for $8!

qbacubankitchen Lunch cancelled-truck needs maintenance ;(