A quiet day on the food truck front.  Some of them are taking the bad weather as a good day to get some work done on their trucks.  Others are out, so let’s make their days worthwhile.
fritesnmeatsCheck out for locations, Burger of the Week & the greatest reason to follow us on Twitter. Preorders until 11. 917.292.9226
schnitzeltruckHey 57th & bway. You want some schnitz? Same gloomy weather as our debut but hopefully that won’t stop you. Be there @ 11:30.

CalexicoCart – Both carts are out today. Roasted pork in a smokey pineapple chili sauce. Enjoy

Food Trucks Not Out Today

waffletruckCher amis, dear friends, lieve vrienden: Nice Belgian weather again – rain rain rain. We’re staying in today. Stay put.

CupcakeStop – Morning CupcakeStoppers. Unfortunately we’re not out today due to rain but should be tomorrow and have exciting upcoming specials for you!


PapaPerroneWe will be back on Wednesday.

TheTacoTruckWe are getting some work done on the truck and will be closed all day. Will be back on the road tomorrow.

Weekly Schedules

waffletruckOur schedule for the week of 03/29:
schnitzeltruck weekly schedule. Have a look see. gonna try to have some veal this week.

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