No idea what the weather’s like in NYC because I’m in LA right now.  It’s going to take a little time to check out some of the trucks here, so don’t expect any reviews until tomorrow.

It looks like most of the trucks are out today, with a few new items. Bistro Truck has braised oxtail with raisin couscous and Wafels & Dinges now has spekulous ice cream.  Check below for everyone’s location.

We’ve been having some twitter problems, so you may have to re-follow our Mobile Munchies twitter feed.  Apologies for the technical difficulties.

KorillaBBQ Crazy Monday morning!!! Sry for the delay, but we wont be able to open up till around 12 at 55th & Lex! Technology is not on our side today!


souvlakitruck The fast is over. Souvlaki Season has begun. See you at 21st & 6th until 9pm. Or stop by our cafe on 116 Stanton St., #LES.
BistroTruck Good morning NYC… another grey day but good bistro food at the truck. Special: Braised oxtail served w/ raisin couscous. Now, is this greatness or what.!!! Soup: Celery chickpea soup. Same location on 5Ave-16St 11.30A-4P
schnitznthings Another schnitzified week begins:) truck is on hudson & king sts from 11:30-3. Store is open from 11:30-8. New @robicellis flavors in 2day:) The store will have chicken stroganoff today. Platter ($9.95) comes with French fries, cucumber salad and a ciabatta roll. Mmmmm
Chefsamirtruck is on Old Slip @ Water St today! Limoncello Mascarpone cake. Moroccan Mint Iced Tea & Mango Iced Tea!
KimchiTruck Good morning all! We’re on 28th & Park Ave. Open for lunch 11:30-2:30.
CupcakeStop Good Monday morning cupcakestoppers we are parked on 5th ave and 40th street come by and say hello.  Here are todays delicious flavors…Starry Night, French Toast, Smores, Red Velvet, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Raisin, Funfetti, Oreo, Vanilla Chocolate, Triple Chocolate.
RickshawTruck Hey Monday! We are at Central Park: Tavern, Bryant Park: 40+6av, Rock Center: 50+6av and also FiDi; Wall Street! Woohoo!
Mexicue Mexicue will be servicing the Goldman Sachs Campus all week long, back to the regular schedule next week!
ETRAVAGANZA Good morning!Happy easter,got lunch!
TheCrepesTruck is on 40St & 8 Ave in front of @nytimes bldg. #Special: savory crepe seared steak, chicory & cheddar for $5. Plus #free salad w/ all #crepes
waffletruck Special Monday Alert: The Wafel Truck is on 45th at 6 Ave until 4:34. Pretend to be the leader of a marching band for 1 free dinges!. Super Wafel Carts! The Vedette (as always) is at 60th & 5th Ave. The Goesting is at NYU Stern (W 4th & Mercer). Both until 6:04! Allez Allez. We heard through the wafel-line that today you can get a scoop of our brand new spekuloos ice cream on your wafel. Wow!!!
UncleGussys Good morning everybody, Monday back in action
biandangnyc 50th btwn 6th and 7th…ready by 11:30!

Cevaptruck is serving food on 51st street btwn 6th and 7th avenue. Open at 9am!!!

EddiesPizzaNY Happy monday. We are on 26th and park until 3pm. Call ahead your order 9174397522
SweeteryNYC Happy Monday, & a good morning to all! Hudson St, we’re all yours until 3:30p, then off to 9th & 59th 4-7:30. New location coming mid week.
cakeandshake Cake&Shake is open today at the Met! Cupcakes and Milkshakes for a great Easter Monday!
EddiesPizzaNY We r on 26th and Park for lunch today. call ahead your order 917.439.7522
bigdsgrub 4/25 (Mon) G’morning we are on 40th St and 6th Avenue from 11amm to 2:30pm!
New Jersey


TheKrave Regular Monday Schedule – 12:00-2:00 Hudson and Harborside Pl. 5:30-9:00 Columbus and Marin