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Another crappy day, but it might be clearing up, and more vendors are to be out than yesterday.  Please show them your support.
With the changeable weather and a film shoot on 52nd & Lex, some vendors may have to move.  Make sure to check the pink Mobile Munchies twitter feed on our homepage before heading out.
BistroTruck – On our way to 23st bet 8-9ave. The HSBC/ New Yorker fest starts at 11Am. Show support …
Mexicue – Mexicue is on Church between Walker and Lispenard today! Open at 11 am!!


schnitzeltruck – So we’re coming out but filming is going on at 52nd & Lex.. Ok so spot secured on 52nd & 6th.. Anyone who missed out yesterday come getcha some today. Loads of veal as well. Schnitz time!:)

nyccravings – Argh! Rain, rain, go away! Hudson & King… ready by 11:30!

EddiesPizzaNY – Park Ave btwn 26th and 27th till 4pm w/fire roasted red pepper pesto. Chicken Cutlet also available as well as…
fritesnmeats – F-ing meteorologists! F-ing weather! Well it aint stoppin’ F-ing Burger Love! Were in FiDi on Water & Broad! Were bringin’ F-ing Sunshine!!!

RickshawTruck – Rainy day but we toughed it out. We are at 45th + 6av today from 11am to 3pm Keep it real keep it dry

waffletruck – Happy FridaYAY! We’re on 52 btwn 6 & 7 til 4:30pm. Do a double-take for 1 free dinges today.

PapaPerrone – We are on 55th Btwn Park&Mad. We have eggplant parm today

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TheTreatsTruck – On 45th (and 6th Ave) ’til 3:30, then 5th ave (21 and 22nd st) 4-6pm!

CalexicoCart – Looks like the rain’s clearing. We’re back out in BK at the BK Bridge Park and in Soho on Wooster & Prince. Come & get it!

ETRAVAGANZA – No more rain and lunch is ready folks! So call us #917 657 0987


cakeandshake – We are open all day at the both locations, Met and WSP. HOT Gimme for everyone, Guaya’b from Guatemala. (Spelling might be creative.)

waffletruck – Mini-wafel truck on 40th btw 7th & 8th Aves today – at NY Times building. Possible Friday tradition, except for the rain then?


joyridetruck – These hurricane like conditions are going to keep Joyride closed today. Columbia, we’ll be back next Friday.

StreetSweets – It does not seem like Street Sweets is going to make it out today because of the weather, we apologize to those who where expecting us today.

KELVINSLUSH – Unfortunately, the rain is going to keep us CLOSED today and then we are out of town this weekend. Won’t be open until Monday.


Hoboken/Jersey City

VeganLunchTruck – We are here! Sinatra between 1st and 2nd in Hoboken. We have peanutbutter chocolate cookie snails, cherry…

TheKrave – Setting up for lunch – Unless it’s completely pouring, see u at Hudson and Harborside 12:00-2:00