Yes it’s raining out, but you can still get great New York Street Food from the vendors on the right and the trucks below.

Did you know that you can call in orders for pick up at a bunch of food trucks on Food To Eat? That way you don’t have to wait in the rain.  Just stop by and pick up your order at the appointed time.

If you go out, make sure to check the Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out, in case anyone had to move at the last minute.

gcnyc1Gorilla Cheese NYC 47th & Lex for lunch – it’s a wonderful day for grilled cheese! 11-3

waffletruck Extra! Extra! Red Dinges Alert! Ze Truck will be @ 49th/3rd ave from 8a-4:30p. Ze carts! Goesting @ 23/5th ’til 8, Vedette @ 60th/5th ’til sundown, Bierbeek @ Columbus Circle ’til midnight, Bryant Park Market open 12-7. Secret password (to answer): How many miles in a light year?

schnitznthings Remember PREORDER IS AVAILABLE TODAY call us 347-772-7341 hopefully this rain well calm down
cupcakecrewnyc TGIF,just rolled up at Bryant Park(w40st/6ave)with some Great flavors. Today’s flavors:Banana Cream Pie,MAPLE BACON,Rocky Road,German choc,Bklyn blackout,van/van,choc salted caramel & carrot cake.
realgoodtruck Happy Friday. We are in Financial District at Water St and Coenties Slip as usual! Even it’s raining we are here for your Wafflewich!!
CalexicoNYC Raiiiin shmain…at least it’s almost 60* out here! Prince & Wooster and Worth Sq are both out and blazin! Don’t feel like waiting in the rain? Pre-order your lunch at Worth Sq!! Call 347-595-0392
morristruckMorrisGrilledCheese 6th and 19th from 11:30-3. Pre-order your sandwich and skip the rain. Leave your name and pick up time.
Mexicue 57th and 6th today. A bright smile is better than sunshine….if you have an umbrella.
UncleGussys All right Since it’s Friday, we gonna keep the bacon Swiss burger deluxe rockin all day. Mom made a chic pea soup Aunt Georgias baklava
seoulfoodnyc OK…WE are @ 51st between Park & Madison….come see us for lunch….bring your umbrella’s and your Hunger !!…
OurHerosTruck Today’s specials are. Chick parm hero meat loaf w/mozzarella and mushroom gravy pastrami Swiss and mustard and beef barley soup wall & water
lobstertrucknyRed Hook Lobster Ahh rain. Feels like being at sea. Turn that cubicle into a canoe & meet us at 46th bw 5&6th from 11-2
NowEatThisTruck The Truck is on Hudson & Clarkson again today! Head over and try my NEW Lasagna Bolognese only 325 cals. Happy Free Dessert Friday! Show ur Foursquare check-in when you stop by the Truck on Hudson & Clarkson today & get a free dessert.
ChefsamirtruckComme Ci, Comme Ça is on 36st and broadway ,don’t wait under the rain call 3479359807 and come pick up
KorillaBBQ Fidi, front & gouverneur! Ready by 11:30!
schnitznthings Yay Friday! Rain or shine well be serving on Water & Broad streets today 1130-2pm call us 4 preorder and skip the line see you guys out!!
milktrucknyc dear rain: stay away until 4 and we’ll comp your lunch. come to wall & william to redeem. AFTER 4.
fritesnmeats HEY FIDI, lunch 2day @ 10 hanover sq b/t water & pearl st. Burger of the week THE MILANO grassfed angus patty smoked mozzarella cheese sautéed mushrooms & Marsala sauce. preorder 9172929226 #mobilesecret
LukesLobsterNY What rain? We are at 57th and 8th ave this morning! Ask Jon for a high five, he might give you one if you’re not too wet!
bigdsgrub G’mornin’ and TGIFF!! (no typo) We’re McLuvin’ this warm weather today! Lunch time Grub awaits you at 53rd and Lex!
CoolhausNY TGI #FF! Include @CoolhausNY in your #FF tweet & get $1 off your sammie when you show it to Laurie at 46th/Vanderbilt 11-5!
KimchiTruck Good morning! Lunch today and every Friday 47th & Park Ave. 11:30-2:30.
bobjoTruck We are on Vanderbilt Ave between 45th and 46th streets. It’s too gloomy outside but we are grilling as always. Don’t wait in line. Pick up your service. Call 213-434-4020 before 11:30am.
SweeteryNYC The weather is definitely a drowner, think we’re going to pull anchor & if the weather is better later today come back out to play.
bongobros Today we are on Varick St and Charlton St from 11:30 to 2:30!
EddiesPizzaNY Lunch on hudson/king. Warm up with creamy tomato soup-fresh basil/homemade herb croutons
Frying_Dutchmen We will be on 55th btw 6th and 7th for lunch. It may be raining but it’s really warm out and it’s Friday so treat yourself to the Dutchmen
Valduccis Don’t let the rain scare you, we’ll be at our spot rain or shine 53nd&Park!
CrispOnWheels Located on 46th, off the corner of 6th. We have the CASABLANCA today! Feel free to order delivery if you’re near 46th St and 6th Ave! –