soujouk sausage

For my last lunch in London, I went back to Falamanki, the small Lebanese restaurant where I had a decent lamb shawarma earlier this week.  That day, I saw they had a homemade spicy sausage sandwich on the menu that looked interesting.

Today’s Lunch is a soujouk sausage sandwich from Falamanki at 221 Kensington High Street in London.

soujouk open

This sandwich was a little different from the lamb shawarma sandwich, in that it wasn’t put on a sandwich grill afterwards.  Other than that, the fillings were identical to the lamb shawarma – pickles, onions, tomatoes, chopped parsley and tahini sauce.

They must have put a few more pickles on this sandwich, because there was a strong tart pickle taste to this sandwich, much more than the last sandwich from here.  Either that, or pickles just didn’t gel with soujouk sausage like it did with roasted lamb.

The sausage was a little greasy and only a little spicy.  It tasted decent, but didn’t really have a distinctive taste – and any distinct flavor there was got overpowered by the tartness of the pickles.

Today’s Lunch was ok, but I enjoyed the lamb shawarma sandwich much more.  That sandwich had a lot of roasted lamb and was really tasty.  This sandwich suffered by comparison – but on the bright side, this was my last lunch in London.  Next week it’s back to New York Street Food for lunch.

sausage & pickles