Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Smoked Food Good or Bad for You?

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Most gourmet food enthusiasts will agree that smoked foods are perhaps the most nutritious meals one can eat. Smoked foods are packed with intense savory flavors and have a specific quality that can only be achieved from a smoking process. It may need no further clarification on the awesome benefits when eating a smoked bacon sandwich or a smoked salmon bagel will have on your taste buds because they speak for themselves. While different types of foods will be smoked to enrich them with flavor, there are various health benefits that smoked foods can bring on the table. But before you overindulge in the addictive tastes in smoked foods that are hard to match up to, it’s important to rely on health expert opinions on the health hazards that may be associated with smoked foods. So, is smoked food good or bad for you?

1. Smoked Foods Are Nutritious

The best part about smoking food is that it’s one of the healthiest ways to prepare certain meals. But before you get all excited, it’s important to carefully select healthy foods that are appropriate for smoking. This will help to ensure that the foods going into your smoker are healthy foods and rich in vital nutrients. Unlike certain cooking methods such as boiling foods, smoking retains the nutritional properties of meals, leaving them intact. For instance, eating smoked fish will provide you with a rich supply of omega 3 fatty acids whilst a variety of smoked meats will supply you with high iron content.

2. Food Preservation

If you go back to the food preparation archives down memory lines, you’ll come across smoking as a food preservation technique that was used by early man. Today, this method still retains such benefits, meaning that smoked foods have a longer shelf life. In addition to this, smoking also helps to prevent mold formation on fermented sausages, killing certain types of bacteria, while slowing down the growth of others. So, to take your food smoking a notch higher, invest in a modern smoker and experience the awesome benefits that come with owning one. You may draw your inspiration from for the best types of modern smokers. You’ll also notice that with smoking certain foods, they’ll appear more appealing and appetizing.

3. It’s A Low-Fat Cooking Process

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Modern food preparation techniques involve cooking foods with unhealthy fats. This can be seen in fast food joints and restaurants. The smoking process seldom requires any oils or fats such as can be witnessed on various meat cooking techniques. To add to this, smoking may actually serve to reduce the fat content in meat and other different types of foods when left to drip during the smoking process. This leaves you with a healthier final product that is free from unhealthy fats and oils. Smoking will also help to prevent fats from becoming stale and rancid. It’s, therefore, a great cooking technique that helps to preserve your steaks. Below are additional tips to ensuring that your grilled meat remains healthy:

  • Marinate your meat – There are all sorts of ingredient recommendations when it comes to marinating your meat. However, natural herbs and spices are a great choice as they contain no chemical additives. In addition to this, marinating also prevents you from using additional seasoning salts as well as forming a separating shield that prevents your meat from overcooking.
  • Avoid fatty meats – Smoking meat is a great way of reducing the extra fat on meat. But if you can, consider selecting lean meat for smoking rather than fatty meats 
  • Avoid burning or overcooking your meat – Eating crispy meat can seem like a good idea, but it’s bad for your health. This has been an area of concern, especially among food critics and enthusiasts. Carbonized meat potentially contains carcinogens that are not only cancerous, but unhealthy for your gut. These are all the more reasons to invest in a modern smoker for all your smoking needs. Modern smokers come fully equipped with a preset timer and a temperature regulating mechanism. This helps to minimize flares and prevents your meat from burning while in the smoking chamber. 

Finally, in answering the question presented earlier on, “is smoked food good or bad for you?”, it’s important to consider the various ways you can enjoy smoked foods while at the same time reducing the health risks associated with it. But one thing to note is that eating smoked food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Exercising a bit of caution and eating in moderation may be the best strategy for achieving your health and fitness goals.