5 Ways You’ve Never Thought To Use Chutney

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We love chutney for good reason. It’s versatile, tasty and it can make any recipe stand out. If you want to get creative in the kitchen or take your regular meals from ho-hum to extra tasty try these fresh spins on some of your favourite classics.

5 Ways You Can Use Chutney:

1. Grown-up grilled cheese

We’re all for dipping grilled cheese in ketchup but have you tried grilled cheese with chutney? Tangy Tamarind with a sharp cheddar might change your grilled cheese game forever. Or to make things even more fun, get your kids involved and try various cheese and chutney combinations until you find the perfect match for you. You’ll create memories in the kitchen and it will help to make them more adventurous eaters!

2. Pakora and Chutney

Move over peanut butter and jam, there’s a new duo in town: Mac and cheese pakora and chutney. This recipe is a good reminder that simple does not equal boring. National Pakora mix and hot mango chutney make a quick weeknight meal or an easy appetizer. Make sure there’s extra because you will definitely be going back for seconds!

3. Party Platter

Jams and dips might be the stars of party platters past (and for good reason) but if a food pairs well with jam, you’ll find chutney works too. Crackers, cheese, fruit, fried appetizers — there’s a whole world of chutneys to enjoy with your favourite snacks. Our favourite combo? Cracker of your choice, a slice of sharp cheddar and plum chutney. Place on a baking tray and put in the oven at 350°C until the cheese melts, add to your party platter and enjoy! 

4. Marinade

Bored of your current weeknight meals? Looking for something to shake things up? Whether it’s tofu, pork or chicken, a new marinade will enhance even your favourite recipe. Take your protein of choice and marinate it in your favourite chutney, then cook and enjoy with rice or biryani mix. A chutney marinade is also a great option for your next barbecue. Use it as a glaze on whatever you’re grilling and serve with vegetables, rice and naan.

5. Curry 

It’s zucchini season! If your garden is producing more zucchinis then you know what to do with it. Try our famous Chicken Jalfrezi with Zucchini recipe. This curry features chicken and zucchini, but feel free to sub with tofu for our vegetarian friends. Complement this curry (or any of your favourite curries) with a spoonful of your favourite chutney to elevate the flavours. 

Dinner is happening every day whether you want to cook or not. Getting creative in the kitchen doesn’t need to be difficult, especially with easy options that also taste delicious. Chutney is a new and adventurous way to impress your taste buds and make cooking your next delicious meal a breeze.

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