10 Tips For Cooking With CBD Oil

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One of the most buzz-worthy ingredients in the market right now is CBD oil. You may incorporate this compound to your food so you could enjoy its long list of purported health benefits, like treating insomnia, reducing inflammation, helping with nausea, as well as fighting anxiety and depression.

You can find CBD in different forms nowadays. Some of the common ones are CBD-infused beauty products, balms, and creams. You can also consume the oil by itself. And, if you don’t like the taste of the oil alone, you may enjoy it though CBD-infused food and drinks. 

Speaking of CBD food and drinks, have you ever wondered if it’s possible for CBD oil to be mixed in your food?  Well, it’s possible, and below are the top 10 tips for cooking with CBD oil.

1. Always Choose A High-Quality Oil

Pretty much like using olive oil, you must choose a good-quality CBD oil, too. The best thing to do is only to source the oil from a trusted and reliable provider. There are plenty of CBD oil companies nowadays, but a little careful research will surely be enough to help you find one with an excellent reputation.

Why choose high-quality oil over the low-quality ones?  It’s a no-brainer–the low-quality oils may not bring the same health benefits as the high-quality ones. That said, you may have to settle with the pricier options since ridiculously cheap ones have probably utilized cheap extraction methods, too. Always remember that a CBD oil should contain almost seventy-percent of cannabidiol for it to be considered a good-quality one.

2. Find The Perfect Recipes

While it makes sense why most of the recipes for CBD oil you can find online are baked goods since CBD oil is quite bitter and you have to disguise its taste with the use of chocolates and sugars, there are savory dishes out there are also worth trying. Remember to use fat-based ingredients to emulsify and activate the terpenes content of the oil for more powerful health benefits. Some of the ingredients that work well with CBD oil are butter, lard, and coconut oil. You can also use vodka, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages as a fat component substitute. 

3. Don’t Overuse The Oil When You’re Still Starting 

Many people commit the mistake of overusing CBD oil even if it’s their first time to try cooking using it. Only use minimal amounts when adding CBD oil to your food if you’re still in the experimentation phase. While there’s no need to worry since overdose of the oil in your recipe won’t affect your health, it can make the taste of the dish strange. The best thing to do is to explore and find out the optimal amount of the oil you need. Make adjustments until you find that sweet spot. Once you’ve already identified the right ratio, you can then practice preparing larger meals.

4. Pair The Oil With Fat-based Ingredients

As already mentioned above, CBD oil works well with fat-based ingredients, like nut-based oils, vegetable oils, shortening, lard, and butter, among others. Another way is to dilute the oil with rum or vodka to make the CBD oil easier to cook with. If you use the right ingredients, you can then start adjusting them to hit the taste that you want for any dish.

5. Learn The Differences Between CBD Oil And Other Cooking Oils

It’s essential to note that CBD oil may work differently than other cooking oils. The best thing to do is to experiment with food that can absorb stronger flavors since the CBD oil can get overpowering. Avoid recipes that only require a very slight amount of oil as much as possible. Explore until you begin to see the differences and find out the technique that works well for your cooking needs and preferences.

6. Avoid Cooking With CBD Oil At Temperatures Over 365 Degrees Fahrenheit

It’s also essential to remember that CBD oil has the tendency to evaporate at a temperature beyond 365 degrees F. That said, look for dishes you can cook at not so high temperatures in an oven. Also, avoid exposing it to direct light and flame if you want to maintain its integrity. Too much heat can break down the oil’s phytonutrients, like terpene, losing most of its health benefits.

7. Try Savory Dishes

While it’s true that sweets and baked goods are the go-to recipes when using CBD oil since they can hide the bitterness of the compound, don’t be afraid to try them with salad dressing, soup, as well as pasta sauces. There’s nothing to worry about the taste as long as you’re using a high-quality oil. After all, you can tweak your techniques to come up with the best results.

8. Store CBD Oil Properly

The importance of adequately storing CBD oil can’t get disregarded. The storage location should be away from direct heat and light. It would be best if you also place the oil container away from extreme moisture. Storing it inside a refrigerator is also a good idea to extend its shelf life. 

9. Prepare Smoothie With CBD Oil

Another way to enjoy CBD oil is through a smoothie. Incorporate a tiny dose of the oil as you mix all your favorite ingredients. It might be a little different from your typical smoothie, but you might enjoy it.

10. Experiment And Have Fun

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun. You can do many things when cooking with CBD oil; you only have to be creative. 


The tips discussed in this post should help you experiment on CBD-infused dishes. Remember that CBD oil is different from the usual oils you know, so make sure to use the right measurements and temperatures if you want to come up with tasty and healthy dishes. But, above all else, it’s best to consult a nutrition expert first before incorporating CBD oil to your food to maximize the positive benefits of the compound and to avoid future complications.