ginger & mixed berry Kelvin Slush

With summer coming closer to its end, and the weather warming up a bit, I had a hankering for a Kelvin Natural Slush yesterday.

On a hot day, you just can’t beat a Kelvin Slush, the 2010 Vendy Award Winner for Best Dessert.

When you get to the truck, the first thing to do is select a slush base.  I’m kinda partial to ginger, but iced tea and citrus are good bases too.  It depends more on your taste and what you want to mix in – which brings us to mix-ins.

As with the bases, this is more about individual taste than quality, as all the mix-in choices are fresh, natural and delicious.  I chose berry this time, but you can’t go wrong with white peach, pink guava, green apple, caramelized pineapple, cherry, pear or whatever fruit they have that day.

And I like to add in an herb too.  I often get mint, but occasionally get basil.

The fruit and herbs are usually in a thin ring around the cup, but this time the server let the base come out a little too fast from the machine, and the berry got pushed up the cup.

It wasn’t the prettiest Kelvin Slush I’ve ever had, but I didn’t really care, because it was just as satisfying as every other Kelvin Slush I’ve had (except for the Prohibition-style ones, but that’s another story).

The other great thing about a Kelvin Slush is it lasts for a while.  Unlike soft ice cream, which I finish very quickly, a Kelvin Slush lasts me for some time.  It keeps you refreshed for a while, but be careful, it can still give you brain freeze.

But not to worry.  If you do get brain freeze, just follow these simple steps.  They may come in handy when enjoying a Kelvin Natural Slush.

I’m really looking forward to their new slush stand, the “Ice Cube”, coming to the corner of Bleecker St & 6th Ave, probably in the spring.  Hey, that’s walking distance from where I live.  Score!