A Short Probiotics Guide: What You Need To Know

Probiotics Guide
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Are you aware that the human body contains helpful microorganisms? They exist! You might squirm at the thought of small creatures residing inside our systems. However, some of them maintain the proper balance that our physical bodies require to stay healthy. Here’s a quick Probiotics guide that will help you understand more.

Also known as good live bacteria, they naturally dwell within us to ward off their evil counterparts. As a matter of fact, in every breath that you take, there is a good amount of balance between good and bad live bacteria. 

Fortunately, probiotics only take the good live bacteria and combine them with some ingredients for our prosperity. 

What are Probiotics? A Short Guide…

Probiotics are made from a combination of both good live bacteria and natural yeasts that reside within our bodies. Generally, the term bacteria usually turns people off since they are always attributed for causing diseases. However, there are two types of bacteria within our bodies all the time! They are good and bad bacteria. 

Probiotic is a term representing good live bacteria that helps keep our bodies working well and staying healthy at the same time. These live bacteria are harvested to create some products like probiotic yogurt, supplements, and even some medical tablets. There is no harm in ingesting these products since their purpose is to treat some illnesses or prevent diseases from happening. 

Remember when you first have digestive problems? Your doctor probably gave you a list of medicines to buy including some typical probiotic drinks and foods. This is because taking in probiotic foods and drinks will help you fight off bacteria faster. They are also beneficial to your body in many ways while maintaining your health. 

Probiotics are only a fraction of your body’s microbiome. A microbiome is a whole system concerning all the bacteria dwelling in your body. Imagine a microbiome being the natural ecosystem of a forest. It usually consists of different organisms all managing to survive on their own but still rely on the existence of each other. This is the case of the equilibrium we can witness regarding the levels of good and bad bacteria residing within you. 

Now, a microbiome is the larger system that houses all types of bacteria whether good or bad. Good bacteria work with other microorganisms to keep your body away from diseases. The community within a microbiome is made up of things called microbes. A single person has billions or trillions of microbes both inside and outside their body’s surface. 

Where does all the Good Bacteria Live inside Your Body? 

Typically, good bacteria often reside within your digestive system. This is crucial especially in the parts that digest and process the food that we eat. They help us fight off the bad bacteria that we might digest while our body absorbs all the nutrients and essentials that it can. A human body has several natural locations where good bacteria flourish. You don’t have to worry though, these parts of your body only consist of good microbes. 

What are the Different Types of Probiotics?

Now that you are aware of what we call a microbiome, then you should know that it is inhabited by different types of bacteria. Some of these types, particularly good bacteria, are classified as probiotics. They are called probiotics since they support the biology of their host for them to survive. 


You might have heard of the term Lactobacillus each time you watch a probiotic product commercially. Lactobacillus is commonly found in probiotic foods such as yogurt and other fermented foods. Different Lactobacillus strains aid in treating people who are battling diarrhea.


It is the type of bacteria that naturally forms from fermented or dairy products. They are usually recommended to ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

a short Probiotics Guide
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Saccharomyces Boulardii

Admittedly, the name of these bacteria types resembles designer brands. However, saccharomyces boulardii bacteria frequent the yeast product that results from probiotics. It is always recommended for people who have diarrhea and other digestive tract problems. 


Probiotics are made up of microbes that are known to be good. They are called probiotics since they help in maintaining a healthy body while fighting off bad microorganisms. Probiotics are given to people with digestive tract problems. These bacteria types help send food through your digestive system by affecting the nerves controlling their movement.

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