Dim Sum in Hong Kong
Dim Sum in Hong Kong

I recently ran across an interesting book put out by National Geographic called 500 Food Journeys of a Lifetime.  It includes 500 incredible food experiences around the world: Vietnamese street food, Tokyo sushi, spicy Creole in New Orleans, great French wineries and more.

I’ll let them explain: “You’ll sample the sophisticated dishes of fabled chefs and five-star restaurants, but also the simpler pleasures of side-street cafés that cater to locals and the classic specialties that give each region a distinctive flavor.

Hundreds of appetizing full-color illustrations evoke an extraordinary range of tastes and cooking techniques; a wide selection of recipes invites you to create; sidebars give a wealth of information, while lively top ten lists cover topics from chocolate factories to champagne bars. And detailed practical travel information provides all the ingredients you’ll need to cook up a truly delicious experience for even the most demanding of traveling gourmets.”

I know the above might sound like a sales pitch, but I’m not getting anything for posting this.  It just seems like a really cool book. [National Geographic]