Wanna See A Cute Baby Gorilla Cheese Truck?

(credit: Gorilla Cheese NYC)
Son of Kong (credit: Gorilla Cheese NYC)

As we told you last month, Gorilla Cheese Truck is having a baby…and it arrived over the weekend.

James told us he had to turn down a bunch of private events because he only had 1 truck in operation. Now he will be able to double up on those private events, and when there are none, you should be able to enjoy Gorilla Cheese Truck whether you are in midtown or downtown.

It may be a short while before you see Son of Kong on the street because James has to install a new awning, but it’s wrapped and just about ready to go.

Congratulations to James Klayman and the whole Gorilla Cheese NYC family. Hope you’re not planning on breastfeeding that little monster.

(credit: NYSF)