Big D’s Grub Truck have been supplementing their main menu the past few weeks with special appetizers, such as vegetarian dim sum spring rolls from the Nom Wah Tea Parlor in Chinatown and Vietnamese spring rolls from a new Vietnamese eatery opening soon in the NYC area.

Today they had sriracha chicken wings ($3), which I got for Today’s Lunch, along with an order of pork & chive dumplings ($3).

When I opened the container, there were six hot, bright red chicken wings.  They weren’t breaded and fried like most chicken wings, but were instead fried in spicy sriracha sauce and oil.

The wings were meaty, with plenty to eat on them, and the sriracha sauce gave them a nice amount of heat. Big D’s included an herby mayo with the wings, which was a nice addition. I’m not sure, but think there might have been tarragon in the mayo.

They were a little slippery to pick up and eat, so be careful not to make a mess on your shirt or pants – but the wings were delicious…and spicy.

By the time I got to the end of the wings, my tongue was tingling pretty good.

There were 4 big pan-fried pork and chive dumplings in the order, which is pretty filling for an appetizer. You know how some dumplings are light and delicate, and some are large and brawny.  These were large and brawny…and I mean that in a good way.

The pork filling was substantial, with plenty of chives mixed in, and it came with a choice of several sauces.  I asked Dennis which he suggested, and he said the ginger sauce.

It was thicker than the usual soy and ginger dipping sauce I get with dumplings, but these dumplings were substantial enough to handle the thicker dipping sauce.  It had a nice ginger flavor too.

Today’s Lunch from Big D’s Grub Truck was very good.  It wasn’t lunch per se, but these two appetizers were certainly enough for lunch, and I don’t expect to be hungry before dinner.

It’s good to see Big D’s mixing things up a bit and supplementing the regular menu with special appetizers.  All I can say is…more dim sum please.


  1. Hi,
    Please make the correction that the Vietnamese spring rolls recently featured on Big D’s Grub Truck did not come from Nom Wah Tea Parlor. They are from our upcoming Vietnamese eatery opening soon in one of the 5 boros. Info provided soon.


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