After enjoying an excellent lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck (Big Red) a few weeks ago, the next item on my agenda to try was their shrimp roll.

Today’s Lunch is a shrimp roll ($9) from the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck.  When Big Red first came out  weeks ago, the shrimp roll was $8.50, so they raised the price by $.50, but the lobster roll is still $16.  You can see the full menu here.

The shrimp roll was pretty similar to the lobster roll in that it had light mayo, celery, a few rings of scallion and a liberal dash of paprika.

Where the shrimp roll was different was the addition of roasted garlic tarragon, which gave the shrimp roll a distinctive flavor, but didn’t overpower it.

The other differences were some shredded lettuce on the bed of the roll, and the amount of shrimp.  It seemed like this sandwich was jam-packed with shrimp, and I don’t expect to be hungry by the end of the afternoon.

The shrimp roll came on the same toasted, buttery top-sliced bun as the lobster roll, and there was also a Brooklyn Brine pickle spear on the side of the sandwich.  They put the pickle on the outside of the shrimp roll wrapper so the pickle juice didn’t get into the shrimp roll.  Nice touch.

Whether you’re in the mood for a lobster roll or a shrimp roll, Red Hook Lobster Pound has you covered.  And you can even keep it under $10 with the shrimp roll!  Now that’s a good option to have if you’ve got the Recessionary Blues.