NYC RW truck

Today’s Lunch is the LAST New England Clam Chowder that was served from the NYC Restaurant Week Soup Truck today, which came from City Crab & Seafood Co.  The truck was parked at Broadway and West 50th St from 11-2 today.  See the full schedule here.

I arrived around 12:50 and there were about 25 people ahead of me.  For some reason, it took 25 minutes to ladle soup for 25 people, and it was cold and windy today, but I persevered with all of you in mind.  The 2 choices today were the New England Clam Chowder from City Crab & Seafood Co. and Five Onion Soup from Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse.

NYC RW truck menu

I love New England Clam Chowder, but when I was about 5 people from the window, someone came out of the truck and told everyone there were only a few clam chowders left.  Luckily several people ahead of me wanted the onion soup, and I was able to get the last remaining clam chowder. Score!

It was worth the wait; creamy, rich, full of potatoes, a decent amount of clams (although never enough for me), a bunch of different spices, and what I think might have been sherry.  There was no way to tell exactly what was in the soup without bringing it to the lab, but it was very good, and perfect for a cold and windy winter day.

NYC RW truck soup

There was also a hunk of bread from Tom Cat Bakery, which was a bit tough to chew.  The soup and bread cost $6, of which $1 went to Haiti Relief, and Coke was there with free samples, too.  Now that I’m warmed up, it was a very enjoyable Today’s Lunch.

NYC RW truck soup close-up