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I’ve been wanting to try the Steak Truck for quite some time, but couldn’t get up to the Bronx for lunch.  Now they have moved locations and are on the NE corner of 47th & Park every weekday.

Hickman, the Steak Truck’s manager told me they have been around for 3 years overall, and recently had a great spot in the Bronx, but a few weeks ago, an older man who had been sick for a while came back and reclaimed the location.  Well, the Bronx’ loss is midtown’s gain.

Hickman (r.) and assistant
Hickman (r.) and assistant moving so fast, he’s blurry

For Today’s Lunch, I went with the classic cheese steak with onions, peppers and hot sauce ($4) and waffle fries ($2 with sandwich).  The cheese steak is cooked to order, which gave me a few minutes to talk with Hickman – a nice man who took his vending seriously.  They also have a garage and commissary in the Bronx if anyone needs a place to store their cart or truck or get supplies.  Just contact me at and I will put you in touch.


The cheese steak was wonderful.  Plenty of beef and no shortage of cheese.  The onions and peppers added a nice flavor, the bread was soft, and the hot sauce was hot.  I’m still tingling a little 15 minutes after eating.

The waffle fries were big and thick and quite tasty.  They were a little soft, but that might have been because it took me a while to get back to the office, as Park & 47th is nowhere near Columbus Circle.

Today’s Lunch was a 9 out of 10.  Is it as great as Pat’s or other cheese steak places in Philly?  Probably not, but who cares.  This was a very enjoyable lunch. Next time I want to try the chicken cheese steak sandwich, which the guy before me got, and it looked great.

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