We got word about a new food truck that should be on the NYC streets today called Our Heros.  They were supposed to be on the street yesterday, but the truck had to get serviced.  For anyone who thinks running a food truck is easy, check out how many vendors have to get their trucks serviced regularly.  It’s way too often.

Click through for more information where this new food truck will be serving, and to have a look at their menu.

For today, their first day out, the owner Tim told me they will be in the Wall St area.  I assume they will be trying out different neighborhoods after that.

They will have hot and cold heros (natch), soups and salads.  See the full menu below.

You can follow Our Heros on twitter here, and we have added them to our Mobile Munchies twitter feed as well.

UPDATE 12/23/11: We were contacted by Our Heros, who said they sent us the “wrong menu”, and all heros were $7.  We went to the truck today and confirmed that all heros were $7, although we do not have an updated menu.


  1. Seriously, what the heck is up with the prices of items from food trucks? $9 for a hero? You could get the same thing from a million delis for much cheaper, and that’s an actual storefront with much higher overhead. Food trucks should be cheaper, not more expensive, yet I’ve noticed nearly every food truck is much more expensive than I’d expect. And the misspellings on this menu are ridiculous.

  2. We made the same point with our last review of Valducci’s.http://tinyurl.com/7h4o677.

    I understand $10 for something like schnitzel, but not $5 for a big slice of pizza with lots of toppings, or $9 for a meatball or sausage & peppers hero. While food trucks are fresher than a lot of delis, the prices don’t seem to be cheaper.

  3. Sorry for submitting the wrong menu with the wrong prices. All sandwhiches are $7.00, not $9.00. Our apologies. We look forward to seeing you in the Wall Street area. Have a great night and Happy holidays. Any questions you can e-mail me at timothydgomez@gmail.com. Thank you for your support.


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