Back in early April, we told you about a new food truck called Wall St Burgers that was coming soon.  We have been in touch with them ever since, and they debuted on Monday.  We had a chance to catch up to them yesterday when they were at the SW corner of 23rd & Park.

To clear up any misinformation right away, they do not plan on being near Wall St every day.  Moe named the truck Wall St Burgers because he worked on Wall St for 10 years, and left that world to open the Wall St Burgers food truck.  You can expect to find them all around Manhattan, and I noticed they were in the Village on 6th Ave at 3rd St last night for dinner.  Hey, that’s walking distance from where I live!

I’ve had a lot of burgers lately, so to try something different, I ordered a salmon burger ($7.50), which you don’t see on the other burger trucks around town.  I also got an order of beer battered onion rings ($3.50).  You can check out the full menu here.

While they were cooking my order, I had a chance to talk to Moe for a little bit.  He said they source the meat from all-natural vendors.  Moe said the beef served on the truck comes from Awesome Farm in Tivoli, NY, who only sell grass-fed pasture-raised beef and lamb.  The chicken comes from Beech Tree Ranch in Bloomfield, CT, where the chickens are all vegetarian-fed and free-range.  I know “Better Living Through Chemistry” has led to some great advances in the world, but not in my food, please.

While I was talking with Moe, one of the other guys gave me a chicken wing to try on the house.  Since they are new, I guess they are giving away samples to get people to try different things.  The wing was breaded and crispy with a decent amount of meat, but I didn’t think it was spicy.  On the other hand, the sauce was very spicy!  My tongue tingled afterwards for a bit from the hot sauce.

The burgers come on your choice of brioche or potato buns.  I went for brioche, and it was eggy, soft and fit the burger just right. A bad bun can take away from the burger, and a good bun can add to it.  This bun definitely added to my enjoyment of the burger.  I forgot to ask where the buns come from, but will find out because it was excellent.

BTW, all the burgers come with free pickles, romaine lettuce, tomato and sliced red onions under the burger, as well as a special sauce, which looked and tasted like a chili mayo.

The salmon burger was very nice.  The taste of the salmon came through great, and the pickles and red onion added some varied flavorings.  This was a good-sized burger, and I enjoyed every bite!

The onions rings smelled so good, I ate one or two before even picking up my camera.  The batter was darker than usual for beer battered onions rings.  At first I wondered if they used red onions (they didn’t), or if they used dark beer in the batter (maybe).  There was plenty of black pepper and other spices in the batter, and I there was something different-tasting in there too.  I’m not positive, but I think there might have been a little curry powder in the batter.  The onions rings were a little greasier than I wanted, but the taste had a dark intensity that I really liked.

All-in-all, this was a very promising First Look at Wall St Burgers.  It was only their third day out, and I had a really enjoyable lunch.  The salmon burger and onion rings were both delicious, but next time, I’m going to have to try a cheeseburger.  Shouldn’t be too long if they keep parking in my neighborhood for dinner.