There’s a new truck in town called the Urban Oasis Traveling Organic Cafe.  They are originally from Long Island, and just started serving their unique blend of smoothies, shakes and juices in the city less than a week ago.  I spoke with George, one of the owners, about the philosophy behind the Urban Oasis Traveling organic Cafe.

George said he and his wife Elaine couldn’t find smoothies and shakes without sugar and other unnatural ingredients, so they decided to make and sell these healthy goodies themselves.  Both George and Elaine have natural health and wellness backgrounds, and they saw a need for the types of healthy but delicious smoothies and shakes they now serve.

As you can see on the menu here, they have 5 categories of smoothies and shakes: “Rise & Shine Smoothies, Lunch-Break Smoothies, Happy Hour Smoothies, Superfood Meal Replacement Shakes and Devilishly Decadent Dessert Shakes.  The ingredients in each item look like inventory at a health food store – but we won’t hold that against them :).  What matters to us is how they taste.

I asked George what he recommended, and he said the Green Vanilla Spice ($7.50).  It included almond milk, banana, spinach, mint, dates, vanilla, cayenne pepper and sea salt.

Green Vanilla Spice Smoothie

There was no doubt this was a super-healthy drink.  It had some spinach taste, but with dates, almond milk and vanilla, it tasted really good, and wasn’t bitter at all.  And with the ice and mint, it was nice and refreshing on a hot day.

As I was walking around drinking the smoothie, it was a cool and tasty drink, which was not surprising.  What did surprise me was after finishing the drink, there was a little tingling on my tongue from the cayenne.  It wasn’t overly spicy, just a little tingle – but it wasn’t noticeable while I was quaffing the icy drink.  That was a pleasant surprise.

While some of the smoothies seem on the expensive side, in a lot of cases, they can take the place of a breakfast or lunch meal.  And you really can’t put a price on your health, can you?

Follow them on twitter here, on facebook here, and their website is here.


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