Mexicue Giving Away 100 FREE Lunches, But When & Where?

Mexicue will be giving away 100 free lunches sometime next week, but if you want to find out where and when, it’s going to be announced on the iPhone app.

Locist is an app that let’s people blast out messages from their location to people around them. Mexicue is using this platform to announce this on the day of the give-away.
In the meantime, download the free iPhone app from the app store, have fun with it, and see if Mexicue announces the freebie near you.
Important note: You do not need the app to take advantage of the free lunches, but it is the best way to find out where Mexicue is going to be when the announcement happens (and generally where they are for all their stops, because Mexicue has started using the app on the truck).
There is a Facebook event as well.
Doesn’t this look great? And it’s even better when it’s free!
(credit: NYSF)