Beef taco from Korilla BBQ's Launch Party
Beef taco from Korilla BBQ’s Launch Party

New Yorkers who have just started absorbing the culture-bending Korean tacos of Korilla BBQ will have another Korean taco truck to enjoy in a few weeks.

According to Rebecca Marx of Fork In The Road, Phil Lee, a longtime general manager for BR Guest, is launching the truck with Youngsun Lee, who previously worked with him at BR Guest.

Lee said the kimchi he will serve at the Kimchi Taco Truck will hew more to traditional style: red kimchi, which is consumed in the winter, and white kimchi, which is eaten in the summer. Lee says “We’ll try to stay with seasonal kimchi,” using recipes from both his and Lee’s families.

The menu will have three to five items, including a taco, burrito, and grilled cheese sandwich (wha?). Each will offer options for different proteins or vegetables, and nothing, Lee says, should exceed the $7-$8 range. [Fork In The Road]

While everyone will be comparing the Kimchi Taco Truck to Korilla BBQ, we want to remind everyone that The Krave has been wowing people in Jersey City with Korean BBQ tacos, sliders and kimchidillas since last May. We enjoyed them immensely at the NYC Food Film Festival in June, and they were at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market a couple of times.

The Kimchi Taco Truck will have their work cut out for them, but this city is big enough for everyone, as long as your food is up to snuff.

Galbi beef taco from The Krave
Galbi beef taco from The Krave


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