The New 47th & Park Food Trucks Paradise

(credit: NYSF)

On Friday, it seemed like a lot of our Mobile Munchies tweets referenced 47th St & Park Ave. It’s become known as the 47th & Park Food Trucks Paradise. We wanted to try the Mac Truck, but were shocked when we saw  just how many food trucks were on that block. (Check back at lunch today for our review of the Mac Truck.)

On 47th St between Park & Madison Ave, there were 6 food trucks basically parked end to end. Heading east to west, there was Palenque, Bian Dang, Mac Truck, Okadaman, Bistro Truck and Jianetto’s.

Heading back the other way, across Park Ave on the east side of 47th St, were Kimchi Taco Truck and Jerk Pan, who have been serving on 48th & Park every day for years. Wonder why they moved down a block? It probably wasn’t by choice.

Cinnamon Snail also had a long line on Park Ave just south of 47th St.

Most of the trucks seemed to be doing good business, which is not surprising, because there’s not much in the area apart from office buildings.

Let’s hope this area stays trouble-free, but with 9 food trucks in a 1.5 block area, we’re not overly optimistic. Please let us know if you see or hear of any problems in that area.