What Are The Benefits of Eating Organically Grown Products

Eating Organically Grown Products
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Want to know if eating organically grown products is worth it for you? For many years now farming has been changing and seeking to ramp up ways of production so that it can meet a growing supply. Unfortunately, however, this has meant that farming is now almost artificial, and we rely on a huge range of chemicals and processes in order to speed up the way the products are grown. This wide use of chemicals is exactly why we are seeing an increase in the number of people who are looking to eat organic food only. 

When we first started to see organic food markets, the prices of the products were too high for many to get on board with these kinds of products. Over the years, however, and as demand has increased, we are seeing lower prices and a wider range of organic food than ever before. This is great for everyone and more of us need to understand what the clear benefits are of eating this kind of food. Here are just some of the reasons why more and more people are making the change and adopting an organic lifestyle. 

Health Benefits of Eating Organically Grown Product

The most obvious benefit which you will find when you begin to eat more organic foods is to your health. When non-organic foods are regrown they are laced with chemicals and pesticides which can have a big impact on our health. We have seen numerous studies which have been carried out that indicate the dangers which pesticides have on our body such as the negative impact they have on our endocrine system. Those who eat organic produce know exactly what has been added to their foods and there are no hidden chemicals or colorings to be found. Additionally many will eat fruit and vegetables because of those important antioxidants which help the body to repair cells and clean, yet their availability is much more limited in non-organically grown produce. 

Increased Flavor Profile 

Almost everyone who eats organically grown produce will tell you just how different the flavor is when you pick up this kind of product. In fact, we have also seen a study which was carried out on organic onions over a 6 year period, which found that there was a significant increase in the number of flavonoids when compared to a non-organic onion. Another study which was carried out back in 2008 in tomatoes, found that organic tomatoes actually have double the concentration of a flavonoid called quercetin, which is one of the strongest that is found in the tomato. These studies are not alone in finding that organic foods have a far higher flavor content than non-organic. We should all make sure that we are eating the tastiest food available and this is again one of the biggest benefits of switching to organic foods. 

Threat of GMOs

In order to meet both demand and expectation of foods, many producers will genetically modify crops. What this does is to add a level of artificiality to the makeup of seeds, so that products will grow faster, in challenging conditions, and to a certain standard. This sounds good on paper but the reality is that we are greatly affecting the natural world through the use of GMOs and actually changing the genetic diversity of our crops forever. In organic farming, GMOs are prohibited from use and that is something that many who eat organic foods enjoy. 

Improved Safety for Farm Workers

Pesticides do not just contain harmful chemicals to those who consume the crops, but also to those farmworkers who work with pesticides and have to spray them. Within organic farming, there are no pesticides that will be used, and that increases the health of the produce and the health of those working on the farm. We have even seen evidence of pesticides drifting through the air, which can also impact those who live close to farms. 

Climate Change

More and more people are focusing their efforts on what they can do for the planet in light of the threat of climate change. Buying organic food is a great way to do your bit here, as this approach to farming produces a fraction of the carbon that traditional farming does. Additionally, organic farming is much healthier on the soil, owing to the reduced use of chemicals. What many aren’t aware of is the fact that healthy soil is actually a vital tool in counteracting climate change. This is because of the fact that the soil is able to pull carbon out of the Earth’s atmosphere. The more that organic farming is able to take over from non-organic, the healthier the soil will be and the better that this will be for the planet on the whole. 

Toxic Water 

Another great benefit which we see when more people begin to eat organic food is that we are increasing the quality and health of our rivers and streams. What we see from traditional farms is that when the rains come the run-off water which then enters the rivers is laced with the chemicals which have been added to the crops. This is dangerous to wildlife and to the quality of underwater plants. The increase in nitrogen and phosphorus which this creates actually causes an overgrowth of algae in the water and this eventually sucks oxygen out of the water and blocks the sunlight from entering. Organic farming means that we can boost the health of the plants and animals which depend on the natural water supply. 

Cancer Claims

A new study which was published in JAMA Internal Medicine has found that those who eat high levels of organic food have in fact lowered their risk of developing cancer at some stage in their life. More specifically the study found that those who eat organic foods were more likely to fight non-Hodgkin lymphoma and breast cancer post-menopause than those who rarely eat or never eat organic food. This is something that has been discussed in the past, but this recent study is the first of its kind which has actually directly linked the eating of organic foods to increase the body’s ability to fight cancer. 

These are just some of the many benefits which you will find if you make the switch to Eating Organically Grown Products. As more and more people make this change we are actively bringing down the costs and inspiring more farmers to make the change and supply organic produce rather than going down the traditional road. This is the healthier, tastier, and most eco-friendly choice which we can make when it comes to buying our food.

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