Nathans baguetta

There was some pretty funky stuff at the National Vending Show in Chicago. The vending industry takes in $30 billion annually – but you have to wonder how with products like these:

  • The Big Az, which is both a big seller and a subtle mockery of the body shape you will adopt if you regularly hit a vending machine in search of a Big Az.
  • Dale Earnhart Jr.’s Glazed Honey Bun, which according to the writer “was not sticky but felt oddly wet”. He must have gotten the Peter North Glazed Honey Bun by mistake.
  • Nachos in a Bag are coming to vending machines this summer. Make sure to wake us up for this one!
  • Froobee – Choose your drink (acai pomegranate, etc.), then a pouch in the machine is filled with water, then mixed with concentrate, then dispensed. You sip from a rubbery pouch. Aah! The pause that refreshes.
  • And finally – for us New Yorkers who can’t make it to Coney Island, there’s Nathan’s Baguetta, their “world famous beef hot dog in delicious French bread”. How did we live without it all these years?

[Chicago Tribune]

Apologies to Mel Brooks for the Blazing Saddles reference in the title of this post about dreadful food.


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