Three of The Fastest Growing Trends in The Food Industry

The Food Industry

Over the last century, food has gone from simply being something you need to something that can actually be pleasurable. Restaurants, takeaways, and even home order recipes are all cashing in on the desire to be bolder, brighter and even healthier with the things we all eat.

This has led to an explosion in the food industry of new approaches and trends. In fact, these are constantly evolving and, if you’re in the industry, you need to do your best to stay aware and even ahead of these trends.

Here are three of the fastest-growing trends:

1. Cannabis

Cannabis is seen as a drug and has faced a battle to become legal for medicinal uses. However, President Trump has signed the 2018 Farm Bill which has made growing plants such as cannabis legal. 

The FDA does not allow food to contain  CBD,( a hemp-derived cannabis ingredient), to cross state lines. This doesn’t mean that the food cannot be grown and used in the same state.

Alongside the interest and inclusion of CBD products in foods and beverages the FDA has to plan new approaches to allow the movement of food.

This is an industry that is set to explode; you’ll want to be in at the ground level!

Of course, opening up the potential with cannabis will leave the door open to marijuana and other previously illicit drugs.

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2. Added Extras

People are suddenly very concerned with what they are putting into their bodies. Where once the nor was to add sugar and salts, people are now prepared to pay extra in order to have foods with omega-3or other healthy additions.

For example, probiotics have always been linked to yogurts. But, this is not the only way of getting these healthy substances into your body. Probiotics are now being added to cereals, drinks and even water!

Alongside this plant-based foods are increasingly popular and are finding their way into ‘regular’ foods. You’ll find cauliflower pizza crust in your local store and even chickpea pasta.

Healthy extras in food is a popular trend that looks set to grow further in the next few years.

3. Making It

The increased interest in healthy foods has combined with environmental concerns to create a much greater awareness of the production process.

Whether you’re cooking at home or eating out, people are much more interested in the food processing equipment being used, its environmental credentials, and whether it is likely to affect the taste of the food.

In addition, suppliers have a greater interest in reducing production costs, this means they need to speak to equipment manufacturers and suppliers to get the best possible solution.

Thanks to the increased interest in the environment and health, this is another trend that is likely to grow rapidly, the food industry will need to keep up if they want to stay competitive and viable.

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