Simple Kitchen Tips To Make CBD Oil Taste Better

kitchen Tips To Make CBD Oil Taste Better
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CBD oils are one of the most popular ways to take CBD supplements. Despite being so popular, many people dislike the taste of CBD oil and are often put off using it regularly.

Many people do not realize that not all CBD oil tastes the same. For example, a full spectrum CBD oil 1000mg will taste very different from a 300mg CBD isolate tincture. There are a few reasons for this, and understanding why will make finding an enjoyable CBD oil much easier.

Even the best CBD oil tinctures still have a little of the herbal, earthy taste that many find unpleasant. The good news is that a few things can easily be done at home to make CBD oils taste better.

Let’s look at what affects the taste of CBD oil and a few simple steps for improving its overall flavor.

Why Do Some CBD Oils Taste Different?

Several factors determine the exact taste of CBD oil. The most obvious being whether or not any additional flavorings have been added. Flavored CBD oils contain at least one additional ingredient, which alters the flavor profile of the oil.

Other less obvious but still significant factors include the hemp plant strain that the CBD is extracted from and the type of CBD contained within the tincture. CBD isolate oils, for example, have a much milder taste than full-spectrum oils. The reason is that all terpenes and other plant compounds that contribute to flavor profile are removed from isolated CBD oil. 

The hemp plant strain is essential as it determines the ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids within the plant. Every strain will contain a slightly different array and the ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids, impacting the overall flavor.

Kitchen Tips To make CBD Oil Taste Better

Even the most expensive CBD oils can still have a rich earthy taste that people dislike. While purchasing flavored CBD oil is always an option, it can sometimes be more expensive and mean ingesting additional ingredients that might not always be of one’s choosing.

A much better option is to alter the taste of one’s favorite CBD oils at home with a few simple steps.

Here are the three best ways to improve the taste of CBD oil from your own kitchen.

#1 Adding Terpene Extracts

One of the main methods to make the taste of CBD oil more enjoyable is to use terpene extracts originating from a different hemp plant strain to the CBD. Many CBD companies sell terpene extracts and terpene oils designed to be used as flavor additions in CBD products and other recipes.

When choosing CBD products, the plant strain used to derive the CBD can significantly impact its effect on the body and how well it serves a particular purpose.

It is possible to find that a specific CBD strain works well for treating a particular ailment but that the terpenes within that strain do not provide the best taste. Equally, another plant strain might provide an enjoyable flavor profile while not being very effective for its intended purpose.

Purchasing terpene blends and adding them to CBD oils that have proven effective is a simple way of combining the best of both hemp plant strains. Alternatively, you could read product reviews from sources like Nature and Bloom so you can find the best CBD oil options for your needs.

#2 Adding CBD Oil To Food

CBD oils can be added to many recipes, and while this might not change the taste of the oil itself, it can help disguise the flavor. Adding CBD oils to recipes such as smoothies or other breakfast foods is an excellent way of taking CBD daily as a supplement. Moreover, you can avoid the displeasing taste of CBD in this manner.

Another benefit of adding CBD oils to foods is that it allows the cannabinoid to be discreetly taken throughout the day with ease. Many people who use CBD to treat chronic conditions require multiple doses throughout the day.

Having a prepared CBD-infused snack that can be eaten at intervals during the day is the perfect way to maintain cannabinoid levels within the body.

#3 Mix With Sugar Water

A very simple method for improving the taste of CBD oil is to mix it with sugar water, which helps hide the intense flavors of the oil.

Mix a cup of water and a teaspoon of sugar, along with your chosen dose of CBD oil. Ensure that the sugar has fully dissolved into the mixture before drinking to maximize the sweetness.

The great thing about this method is that it also helps stay hydrated by incorporating a glass of water into one’s routine. 

There you have it, three simple kitchen tips to make your CBD oil taste better and improve your overall CBD experience.

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