How To Use Crispy Coating In Your Street Food Business

Crispy Coating
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Are you interested in following trends, shaping culinary tastes? Great! Join the people who create the most trendy gastronomy in your city as soon as possible! We have a few tips for you on how to create an attractive menu perfect for Street Food cuisine with just one product!

Coating for chicken is the key to success

There is a form of food that stimulates the appetite and nice memories, makes you enjoy the moment, and at the same time brings people together! It also combines the most important features of comfort, slow and finger food. What is the secret of street food, for which we so often leave home and want to spend time outdoors, have fun in the company of friends just to taste it? It’s usually the trendy street food! Do you want to know what to do to encourage people to visit your street food place? We have an idea that works for you!

First of all, you need to make it tasty and fashionable! The dishes you plan to serve must stand out in the market! Taste and appearance are something that will drive sales in your restaurant. We have tested it and we know that nothing attracts people more like coated dishes! They are universally loved and have a wide audience. They are loved by adults and children, men and women. You can use breadcrumbs for chicken, breadcrumbs for fish, and even breaded vegetables! The important thing is to make it tasty, fashionable, and with an idea behind it.

Slow or fast food, what is street food really?

What are the characteristics of street food and why does it attract more and more people every year? Is it closer to Fast Food which has a not very good reputation or to the idea of slow food? If you decide to serve your food with a coating then you can create the perfect combination of the two! 

Let’s say your restaurant uses breaded chicken. Coated strips, nuggets or wings are both quick to prepare, convenient to take away, and prepared on-site using the best ingredients. So we have a quick dish – but it’s prepared by hand from scratch at your restaurant, so it’s not regarded as fast food.

Remember that the most important feature of street food is originality and idea, which is the secret of small, often mobile gastronomic premises to which you can see huge queues (see some of the most popular street foods in America). You can increase your chances of achieving this by using a good-quality coating mix. The number of dishes you can prepare using one product is practically limitless.

Chicken coating mix – what opportunities does it offer for street food cuisine?

Coating for chicken that is bought from a reliable manufacturer will allow you to prepare dishes that will become an alternative to fast and junk food. Conscious consumers today are looking for something unique, surprising, and…healthy.

Therefore, start by choosing a good and reliable supplier and only use coating mix for the highest quality meat.

Prepare strips – the base of dishes that you’ll serve and start experimenting. On the basis of seemingly ordinary breaded strips, you can prepare many unique, surprising dishes such as:

  • Burgers and tortillas with original toppings of fresh vegetables and unique sauces,
  • Salads with pieces of chicken (be inspired by world cuisine and choose surprising additions such as pineapple),
  • Savory waffles. Just add some fresh vegetables, sauces and juicy strips (coated chicken will add character to any salad)
  • Pasta with vegetables and breaded chicken (here’s a recipe for this)
  • Wings with sauces in true American style.

Don’t forget that the food served has to be first of all tasty, but it also has to look appetizing! The coating should be crispy and golden. You will be serving meals to take away, so the coating mustn’t lose its quality during transport. Don’t forget that the coating you decide to use should stick well to the meat, and the coating process should not be complicated so that your kitchen staff has no trouble preparing strips or wings. Street Food is all about time and simplicity!

This is what you have to share

Our idea is to prepare tasty, out-of-the-box and quick dishes which are perfect as take-away snacks during picnics, outdoor events or outings with friends. This is what Street Food culture is all about. To attract and connect people, the tasty connection!