9 Essential Restaurant Menu Design Tips (with Videos!)

restaurant menu design tips
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Do you need help attracting more customers to your restaurant?

There are thousands of restaurants out there, all offering different types of food. You need to make sure your marketing materials stand out to stand out.

It includes your restaurant menu design. Only some understand the importance of this addition. 

So, what are the best practices for designing a restaurant menu that sells? Keep ready for a few essential menu design tips to keep in mind as you get started.

Tips for Effective Restaurant Menu Design

1. Select an Appealing Visual Style

Selecting an appealing visual style for a restaurant menu template is essential to capture customers’ attention. Using vibrant color schemes that match the restaurant’s atmosphere can improve the customers’ experience.

Introducing vibrant shades can also help emphasize and define different menu sections. You should also pay attention to image choice and layout.

Choose images of the meals you offer that are mouthwatering and visually pleasing. Structure the ideas within the menu layout to showcase the different selections.

Watch this to learn some menu design hacks:

2. Enhance Your Menu Readability

Restaurant menu ideas are a critical factor in enhancing readability. To feature the best items on your menu, they should be well organized and easy to comprehend.

Utilize white space by avoiding long paragraphs of text and by adding breaks between fonts and sections. Make sure fonts are clear and legible and use appropriate font size.

Separate sections of the menu with borders and different fonts where appropriate. As for organization, use categories to arrange food items and implement symbols for specific things to help customers quickly identify them.

Watch this to learn some more tips:

3. Optimize for Mobile & Digital Menus

Digital menus are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants. They present an excellent way for customers to explore the menu quickly and efficiently.

Keep the menu simple and use links to keep the customer engaged. Optimize the digital menu for device compatibility so that customers can access the menu easily on a range of smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Digital menus should be searchable and filtered, so customers can quickly find specific items without browsing a long list. Make sure to add helpful features to your menus, such as buttons for ordering, feedback forms, and links to nutritional information.

4. Prioritize Your Best Dishes & Highlight Promotions

Potential customers should know your signature dishes or deals or remind them of seasonal specials. You can use color, bolding, or even a highlighted special box on the top or side of the menu to make it stand out.

It would help if you also considered listing any customer favorites or popular items, as this will help draw a customer into making the decision o order. Offering incentives such as discounts, bundled items, or unique pairings are also great ways to draw attention to specific items. 

5. Use high-quality images

Including high-quality images of your menu items can be a powerful tool to entice customers and increase sales.

6. Keep it simple

Don’t overwhelm your customers with too many options or too much text. Keep the menu design clean and easy to read.

7. Organize your menu logically

Group similar items together and use headings or sections to make it easy for customers to navigate your menu.

Watch this to learn more tips:

8. Use descriptive language

Use descriptive language to help customers imagine the taste and experience of each menu item.

Learn more about using descriptive language for food in this video:

9. Be mindful of pricing

Use pricing that is clear and easy to understand, and avoid using decimal points or currency symbols.


I hope these essential restaurant menu design tips can be helpful at your own culinary adventure. Good menu design should be visually appealing and user-friendly to attract customers and maximize sales.

Consider this design principle to create a menu that sparks engagement and drives sales. Give these tips a try today!

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