5 Cool Packaging Ideas For Takeaway Food And Drinks

Packaging Ideas For Takeaway Food And Drinks
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Searching for cool ideas about packaging for takeaway food and drinks? You’ve reached the right place. Takeaway packaging generally doesn’t have a very long lifetime because customers just have to grab and then toss it in the garbage not long after. However, these paper bags, boxes, and cups are like walking ads for your business. Multiple senses, including sight, contribute to a customer’s enjoyment of their eating experience, like how a dish looks when it arrives. 

Food packaging is not just a matter of convenience. It’s also a matter of safety. Following COVID-19, several restaurants closed their dining rooms to the public and shifted their focus to safe takeout and delivery

According to a study by Toast, which polled over 700 customers, most restaurant clients are routinely making online orders amid the pandemic. 33% agree that online ordering programs are one of the most extremely important technologies affecting their guests’ dining experiences amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, for restaurants, particularly those that have recently introduced an online ordering system, the proper takeout food packaging is critical to attracting and retaining customers. Here are some cool packaging ideas you can use for your food business: 

 5 Great Ideas For Packaging For Takeaway Food and Drinks:

1. Use Reusable Packaging 

Reusable packaging may be the most cost-effective method to reduce expenses as you try to make your way across the food industry, and for a good reason. Reusable packaging is excellent for the environment, and most businesses convert to reusable alternatives to save money.  

For instance, in third-party delivery services in New York City, your food will arrive in reusable clamshells rather than the typical pile of plastic containers. Then, the next time you order takeout via the platform, you may give those containers back to the delivery driver, who will return them to a partner restaurant, wash them, and reuse them for another delivery. 

While reusable packaging is wonderful for reducing environmental impact, the reality is that most businesses also convert to reusable solutions to boost their bottom line. 

2. Go For Sustainable Packaging 

Eco-friendly food packaging prevents the use of mixed materials, including labels. Mixed and standard adhesive labeling materials for packaging, which are usually made from non-biodegradable materials may damage recycling or composting efforts by destroying equipment and polluting the environment. Compostable, recycled, or recyclable packaging may have a big effect. It can remove trash from sites and urge your customers to be aware of the waste they create.

3. Use Minimalist Packaging  

Minimalism in packaging has increased steadily over the past years. Consumers are focused on products and ingredients in the package rather than the nuisance and diversion that come with busy and over-the-top designs. Minimalist packaging is noticeable due to simpler labels and colors, and flat design concepts. 

All you need to do is remove unnecessary, flashy, and repetitive design elements. Simplicity is king. Flashy packaging marketing may be pushy, but it won’t necessarily bring you the outcomes you want. Be simple, clear, and bold.

Packaging For Takeaway Food
Use minimalist design. Photo By AdobeStock.

4. Personalize Your Packaging  

This is probably one of the most important rules these days when packaging for takeaway food and drinks. Customers are aware that your products are contained in a takeaway bag and are far more inclined to add a few extras to their order. But branded takeaway bags offer additional protection and guarantee that orders come in perfect condition.  

Many consumers believe that products wrapped and displayed in branded packaging, such as greaseproof paper and water-proof bags, are worth a higher price. Hence, using branded packaging is a fantastic way to boost your profit without any need to update or modify your menu. 

5. Create Fun Packaging 

Having fun and creative packaging doesn’t have to be limited to children. Bright colors and unique forms common in children’s products may be used successfully in adult-targeted products as well. However, a more subtle approach is generally preferable.

Using the business name or logo, you may design a customized sticker or use a random sticker to make packaging more fun and memorable. Consider putting a pleasant or humorous note in a takeaway container when you pack the meals of your customers. 

With so many marketing possibilities, you can’t afford to be dull and plain in your takeaway containers. A fun and unique packaging is a great way to ensure brand recognition and awareness among customers, as this helps them remember the name of your food shop more easily.


Take any of these ideas and consider adapting them when packaging your takeaway food and drinks. You’ll be more successful if you concentrate on your packaging and develop something distinctive for your business while following the safety protocol for takeaway. After you have designs for sample packaging, you can use customer input to enhance and improve your ideas. 

Bear in mind that your packaging must contain more than just your products; it serves as a marketing message to your customers. Consider your competitors’ packaging and ensure that yours delivers a stronger statement through fun, unique, and excellent packaging for your takeaway food and drinks.