Win 2 Tickets To The Asian Night Market This Weekend

This weekend, on both Friday and Saturday night, the bustling, exotic flavor of Asian night markets is coming to The Old Bowery Station.

The two-day festival showcases street-inspired delicacies including pork belly buns, jerk wings, baby back ribs, Asian hot dogs, Vietnamese summer rolls, snow pea shrimp dumplings and Taiwanese fried chicken. Enjoy it all while sipping Taiwan Beer.

To keep things hopping, there will be a DJ spinning all evening.

We have a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky NYSF reader!

Click through for all the gory details.

There are four 1.5 hour sessions Friday and four on Saturday. Guests get to try each of the vendors, while imbibing Taiwan Beer in the process.

The featured vendors in the Asian Night Market are: Asia Dog, Filled with Sweets, Hong Kong Street Cart, Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls, Macaron Parlour, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Spur Tree and Taikan Chicken.

When: March 29+30 || 6p-11p

Where: The Old Bowery Station || 168 Bowery+Kenmare

Tickets are $40 on Eventbrite here.

But we have a FREE pair of tickets for one NYSF reader (and writer). We are looking for someone to write a review and snap some photos of the event for publication on NYSF the following Monday (4/1). You don’t have to be a professional writer. It’s more about making it fun, and showing us your passion for street food.

Just tell us by 9pm tonight in the comments below who your favorite NYC Asian street food vendor is, and why. We will select one winner based on the responses received by 9pm tonight.

Please note this is a totally subjective contest, and the winner will be chosen based on whose response we fancy the most.

Good luck to all.

Singapore Night Market
Singapore Night Market



  1. I live for the Bian Dang truck (I\’ve loved them since they were the Cravings truck!) They will always have a special place in my heart because they were the ones who first helped me discover the joys of sriracha. Their fried chicken is TRULY crave-worthy; moist, tender, and full of flavor every time and always worth the wait. The perfectly pickled greens underneath are the best companion for an explosion of savory deliciousness in your mouth. Plus, the lychee box juice they sell is perfect for picnic-ing in the park on a spring day. I\’ve snuck out of work for an extended lunch break far too many times to walk across town to get me some Bian Dang and it is always, always worth it. For a lip-smacking good time, hit them up!!!

  2. My favorite Asian street vendor in NYC is Korilla because their bacon and kimchee fried rice and k-illa sauce are to die for, literally. Also, they were here before all the Korean-Mexican fusion trucks like Kimchi Taco and Seoul Food trucks started.

  3. My favorite street food vendors are the little carts all over Chinatown that don’t have English names or even English signs. The ones run by single Chinese speakers, and serve things you don’t know you want until you see them, like those tiny 10/$1 griddle cakes, or curry fishball skewers, or rice flour rolls covered in peanut butter and soy sauce. The best ones are on Mott Street!

  4. So much street food, so little time! Sunshine Bakery on East Broadway is my latest obsession with its steamed-before-your-eyes scrumptious rice crepes, but since they aren’t technically a truck, I’m going to nominate Torsu Cambodian Food! Their food is classy, filling, and beautifully presented. It’s quality food so you don’t feel sick after gorging yourself. And you have to love the story. The chef is an adorable man whose mission was bringing Cambodian food to NYC. He started expanding his restaurant empire but then got hosed by a mean landlord. He lost the restaurants but picked himself up, dusted himself off, and restarted his dream – but this time with the humble and yummy Torsu food truck.

  5. Hong Kong Street cart is the best Asian food cart!! First time I tried them I felt in Hong Kong! Fabulous! They are super tasty and I haven’t found another cart like it. Delicious!

  6. Bian Dang truck tops my list. Reasonable prices for midtown and doesn’t have the MSG of the Taiwanese restaurants in Chinatown!

  7. I’ll add in another vote for Bian Dang. I was so sad when they closed their B&M location but the truck is just as good. I didn’t eat pork for much of my life and their pork chop was my first. It was love at first bite, I don’t know what they season it with but it’s absolutely delicious. It’s always cooked well and juicy. That thing that always brings me back though is the pork sauce and pickled greens. If I’m not super hungry I’ll just get the snack platter with a tea egg, greens, pork sauce, and rice. The pork sauce is rich and flavorful and when it’s mixed with the tangy sour pickled greens and rice it create a delightful and filling meal.

  8. It’s got to be the Chinese Mirch Food Truck!! Rain or shine, long line or walk-up, hungry….or not even that hungry, you will ALWAYS find a reason to order from Chinese Mirch. Their menu is evolving and I think this food truck will become a well-known name in the food truck world in the next few months. The best way to order is to ask the cook for their recommendation! A few minutes later, you’ll find yourself with a satisfying lunch that will give other lunch-goers FOOD ENVY! Chicken Tikka is chicken, with chutney – chile and cilantro, onions and a perfect bun that is soft, yet doesn’t fall apart.
    Are you hungry yet? Happy Eating!

  9. Dear NYSF,
    You know that I love you, but I HATE when you make me choose which truck I love the best…I mean, that’s like asking which child I love the most….really. Okay, if you make me choose,I gotta go with KORILLA. Why? Maybe I must be a football fan, because I love that ‘Superbowl’ with pulled pork, the bacon and kimchi fried rice, scallions, carrots and squash with the mild KBBQ sauce….All in my bowl, to All in my mouth. For real, it is so good, they can keep the bowl….I’d eat the ‘Superbowl’ out of my shoe…I just need a napkin to-go please, maybe 5.

  10. Surf Sushi in Rockaway Beach this summer was flawless. Exactly what I needed after a hot day in the sun and sand. Beautiful hand rolls filled with the choicest cuts of sushi grade tuna, salmon and eel made to order, never sacrificing freshness for expediency. Each roll came with a healthy side of al dente edamame, providing a perfect balance of vegetable, protein and awesomeness.


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