Is This The Holiest Food Photography On The Planet?

food photography
Photo by Abir Sultan, Israel

Tired of Food Photography posts? I know, they’ve been flooding the net in recent years, making everyone pretty much tired of them. However, this unique exhibition of wonderful food shots, called “FOOD PROCESSOR”, is being held in the most sacred place on the planet.

Food Photography
Photo by Noa Macabi, Israel

We know it for it’s Startup Nation, its powerful military and never-ending wars, and of course for it’s holy places, sacred to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Surprisingly or not, Israel is also quite known for being a culinary paradise. Be it in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv or a small town far up in the north – you’ll always find a great restaurant wherever you go.

Even in this busy high-tech nation, it seems like food overtakes the daily routine. Israelis, like others, enjoy to eat, touch, taste, smell, cook and enjoy. On the other side, they are also becoming health-conscious, they are starting to think of poverty, corruption, recycling, being a vegan, and more.

Food Photography
Photo by Amar Yunes, Israel

Food has definitely made a long way of change in Israeli society in recent years. From the days when Food was just a functional tool to provide Israelis with energy, they are also experiencing an era where Chefs are becoming TV stars, and customers are accessible to extremely attractive food products and kitchen experiences that have never been accessible before.

The current Israeli Food Photography Exhibition is emphasizing the place of food in communications, as a tool for transmitting various messages, be it cultural, art or historical. Its goal is to depict that epic arena of the food world, which incorporates beauty, joy and passion, combined with the endless problems that it creates, such as the connection between cooking and arrogance, and the never-ending chase after innovation and ostentatiousness.

food Photography
Photo by Enrique Rotenberg

The Food Photography Exhibition is held for its 3rd time, after one that was held in 2007 and one in 2013. Among the artists that will showcase their food photos this year are Alex Libeck, Pessy Girsh, Taly Amitay Tabib, Abir Sultan, Dana Friedland, Nava Ozen, Nelly Horwittz, Ofir Ayeb, Ohad Zoygenberg, Rama Yazma, Rotem Liberzon, Tal Sivan, Ran Hilel, Danny Lerner and more.

The Food Photography exhibition will be held in the ART Gallery in the Sharona Park in Tel-Aviv, in a beautiful Templar building – the perfect ideal space for an art exhibition.

So if you’re anywhere close, on your holy land tour or a business trip to Israel’s High-Tech scene – the Food Photography exhibition will be held between April 15 to April 30. Entrance is only $4.


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