A Sweet Tooth On the Go: Five Dessert Spots for New Yorkers

dessert spots in new york

These are not easy days, as the Coronavirus hits the country, and New York especially. However, we will push through this epidemic and come out stronger. When this is all over, we will go back to enjoying what NYC can offer, so here’s what you can wait for…

New Yorkers are known for their ability to multitask. It is not out of the ordinary to see a New Yorker power walking through the streets of Manhattan, eating a breakfast pastry, all while calling their co-worker to inform them that the subway was “such a mess this morning!”

Even though New York City throws its inhabitants crazy curve balls daily, city-goers can soothe their frustrations with an incredible array of dessert options. With the city’s diverse selection of cuisines, the multi-tasking New Yorker can sample a global dessert from an Australian bakery, or satisfy their sweet tooth with artisanal frozen yogurt. 

Of course, every New Yorker needs balance – stopping at each of these 5 legendary shops every day would make anyone feel overstuffed. But that’s where moderation and pacing come into play.

Whether they have time to take a leisurely walk or need a sugary pick-me-up on the way to an important work meeting, these dessert spots are ideal for a New Yorker on the go.

1. Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery began as a small shop in Sydney, Australia. Since then it has transformed into a popular dessert spot in the heart of New York City.

Located on Madison Avenue in the city’s NoMad district, this cozy bakery is an excellent dessert destination for a busy New Yorker. The bakery is within walking distance from both Madison Square Park and the 6 train, giving its visitors the option to enjoy Aussie pastries on a relaxing stroll.

2. Culture: An American Yogurt Company

Many New Yorkers long for the satisfaction of an indulgent dessert without the guilt of eating unhealthy food. Culture An American Yogurt Company provides its customers with a balanced dessert experience. Its artisanal frozen yogurt tastes delicious and is made with live probiotic cultures.

True to form, New Yorkers can multitask by satisfying their dessert cravings while maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle and staying updated about their gut health. With locations in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, Culture’s gourmet frozen yogurt is easily accessible to New Yorkers throughout the city.

3. Eggloo

Home to the Internet-famous “Eggloo Cones,” this thriving small business provides a unique dessert experience with plenty of on-the-go options. What is an Eggloo Cone, you ask? Picture a normal ice cream cone but replace the cone with a giant waffle and cover the ice cream with treats like Pocky, Oreos, and fresh fruit.

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Eggloo is the perfect dessert spot to pick up ice cream for a walk on a hot summer night.

4. Milk Bar

You may know Milk Bar for its famous “Crack Pie” or “Cereal Milk Ice Cream.” Chef Christina Tosi’s culinary hotspot has been popular among New York City’s dessert lovers since 2008.

With multiple locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, Milk Bar provides New Yorkers with a welcoming atmosphere to sit and eat a confetti cookie or grab a box of truffles for that birthday party they totally forgot they RSVP’d “yes” to. Either way, the dessert experience will always be completely unique and satisfying at Milk Bar.

5. Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Il Laboratorio del Gelato, a Lower East Side staple, offers well over 100 flavors of gelato and sorbet. You may be reluctant to wait in a long line. However, if you try their gelato, you’ll realize it is well worth the wait.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato is known for its unique flavors like toasted sesame, rose petal and lemon basil. New Yorkers can appease their inner foodie and their craving for ice cream, all within walking distance from the F train.