Tips on How To Enjoy A Delectable Irish Coffee

irish coffee

Irish coffee devotees know that this comforting beverage is ideal for chilly, damp days such as those one might find in the midst of the Emerald Isle itself. Initially created in County Limerick at Foynes Airbase, this drink was designed to provide warmth to passengers while they awaited refueling of the aircraft. Nowadays, Irish coffee is enjoyed 12 months out of the year by those seeking a bit of relaxation and delight. Our team has worked diligently to get the recipe for this treat just right, and are confident that our efforts have paid real dividends in terms of flavor!

To make our version of delectable Irish coffee, you will need:

50ml of whisky, Jameson preferred

150 ml of high quality, freshly-brewed coffee

2 tablespoons of sugar, muscovado is ideal

1 pod of vanilla

Small dash of ground nutmeg

Whipped cream


Drop a spoon into a footed coffee glass and fill with heated water. Empty the water once the glass has been heated so that it can be refilled with hot coffee without the risk of cracking.

Add fresh coffee along with the whisky and the muscovado sugar. This mixture should be stirred well until combined. Sugar not only flavors the drink, but also helps the cream to float, a key feature of an Irish coffee.

Now it is time to address the cream itself, and this can be a cause for trouble if not done carefully. Aerosol cream simply will not do, and it is important not to over-whip fresh cream. Rather, start whipping the cream in your bowl just until it is firm enough to drip off of a spoon. This is the perfect consistency for spooning onto the coffee. Once this has been accomplished, a sprinkling of nutmeg atop the beverage represents the perfect enhancement.

There is some debate as to whether the entire coffee drink should be stirred. While it is best to serve Irish coffee with the cream layer clearly visible, some also suggest that the mix stays hot for a longer period if the cream is never stirred to full incorporation. Our preference is just to use the vanilla pod as a stirrer. When the coffee is this delicious, it will not be around long enough to cool anyway, so there really is no need for anyone to worry!

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