Is Your Coffee Habit Getting Expensive? Here Are 7 Tips to Save Money

Coffee Habit Getting Expensive
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There are some things in life that you simply can not live without. For many of us, that is coffee. But is your coffee habit getting too expensive? Searching for tips to save money? You’ve reached the right place. 

Coffee is a part of most of the day that brings us so much joy. It helps us wake up, boosts our mood and gets us kick-started for a great day.

The way in which you can enjoy your cup of coffee can vary. Some like it straight black. Others like the hipster lattes. And others prefer concentrated coffee.

But whatever way you like to drink your coffee, it can add up fast when it comes to how much you spend. In fact, for many of us it is an expensive habit—especially if you are drinking more than one cup a day.

Think about this fact. If you buy one cup of coffee a day at $4 a latte, then you are going to spend well over a grand every year.  And even if you do make your coffee at home, the price alone on beans can add up fast.

 For many people, this habit can end up getting out of control. So with the world economy at the state it is currently, you will want to look for ways to save money while equally being able to enjoy your coffee.

Here are all the top tips to save money while equally enjoying your daily cup of coffee—because life is too short to go through it coffee-less.

1. Drink Quality Concentrated Coffee

If you drink quality coffee, you are going to need less of it. One of the best ways to do this is through concentrated coffee that lets you sip on Arabica beans and enjoy an ultra-smooth taste.

Drinking coffee this way lets you get your caffeine boost with only one small dose. It is super convenient and lets you always have coffee on the go without having to buy coffee out. Plus, you can sign up for a subscription so that you always have coffee available to you too.

2. Take Out Cash for Coffee Purchases

Sometimes you just want to treat yourself, and we get that. But rather than rack up lattes on the credit card, give yourself a weekly budget in cash. That way you have to be more mindful about picking and choosing when you get your fancy cup of coffee. When you are out of cash for the week, you’ve got to stick to those coffees at home. This is one of the best tricks in the books to save money on anything. 

3. Make Coffee at Home

Speaking of which, you should try to make more coffee at home, especially if you drink more than one a day. As we mentioned earlier, you can even make life super simple and get concentrated coffee subscriptions so making coffee is convenient, affordable and mess-free.

One of the best parts about making coffee at home is that you can make it just the way you like it. And also get creative with trying new styles of coffee too. So not only will you be saving more money, but you will also be learning new skills as a barista. 

4. Be Creative

Just because you are trying to save money on coffee does not mean you still can’t get creative. In fact, you can still make that caramel frappuccino at home—and for much less. In fact, you can get the ingredients for much cheaper at the grocery store and have enough to make multiple coffees too. Plus, you do not even have to buy beans if you are already using concentrated coffee. Becoming a creative barista has never been easier and more affordable.

5. Add Up Your Coffee Spending

Another great place to start when it comes to saving money on coffee is to actually add up what you spend a week. This is a great way to see what you actually spend and figure out how you can end up saving money in the long run. In fact, many people simply do not realize how much money they spend a year on coffee alone. Knowing this number and your habit will help you avoid future temptations.

6. Make Coffee Cubes

If you are an ice coffee fan (which, let’s be honest, who isn’t?), then a great way to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck with your drink is by making coffee cubes. This will allow you to get maximum coffee in your drink so that you don’t feel the urge to make yourself another one.

7. Sign Up for Coffee Rewards

If you are loyal to your local coffee shop, then make sure to sign up for their coffee rewards. This will allow you to get free coffee every now and then, which adds up to big savings. 


With so many ways to save money on coffee, you can sip your brew with confidence.

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