Your Guide to Bar Catering

Offering exceptional drinks and beverages at your next event can set the tone for the party that you are charged with planning for the guests. Experienced caterers have formulas for knowing how much and what ingredients to buy for the size of celebration that you are hosting, so it’s important that you find the right caterer with bar experience here in Birmingham to help you host your company or family event. Keep in mind that you will want to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, so make sure your caterer knows your preferences for the beverages to be served, well in advance of your event.

Is a Package Available?

If you’re searching for catering in Birmingham that includes bar service, you might want to look for one that offers a package deal. Think about the types of beverages that you want to serve. Will you want both wine and beer? Do you prefer top-shelf products? Will your guests prefer specialty drinks and cocktails that require a variety of ingredients? You should ask about providing a bar that comes complete with mixers, garnishes, and a variety of liqueurs. You can ask catering professionals what they would recommend and how much the cost will be for your company or family.

Points to Consider

Professionals providing catering in Birmingham will know some additional points that you should consider as you are making decisions about the type of bar service that your party will feature. They will advise you to think about the age of the group that is attending your event, the season in which your event will be held, and the day that’s it planned for. Each one of these factors will impact the amount and type of drinks that caterers in Birmingham will purchase for your celebration. For example, they know that if the weather is hot, your guests will drink more; if your crowd is younger, they may choose beer and cocktails rather than wine and scotch.

Mobile Bars

When you want to add to the festivity of your event, consider hiring one of the outstanding caterers in Birmingham that can provide you with a mobile bar that can function successfully at any location or venue that you choose. Mobile bars add a touch of interest to your event and can easily accommodate your crowd with the drinks and beverages that they prefer. If your venue is outdoors, you’re planning a corporate picnic, or your family prefers to have the bar service separate from the main event, a mobile bar is the solution that you need.  Be sure to enquire about the possibility of using a mobile bar service for the party that you are planning.

Partnering with a team of catering professionals who can provide the beverages you want, the ingredients and liquors for the specialty drinks and cocktails that your guests prefer, and can handle all of the details of the bar service that you require for your party will make the entire event less stressful for you and much more enjoyable for your guests.

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