Food Truck Economics

People are always approaching us saying they “have a great idea for a food truck” or “my dream is to own a food truck”. Our immediate reply is: “Did you do your Food Truck Economics Homework?”.

As we’ve mentioned many times, it’s a much tougher business than people realize, with thin margins and long hours. You never know the problems you might run into. And we mean that literally. Without studying and knowing the Food Truck Economics, chances are staked against you.

Of course, you are your own boss, but that also means you’re on the hook for everything.

If you’re serious about owning a food truck, we have two suggestions for you.

1) Read this article on Food Truck Economics, which lays out a lot of the information you need to know, and details what a typical day is for a food truck owner; and,

2) Read David Weber’s book, The Food Truck Handbook, which also delves into the Food Truck Economics. In our opinion, it’s the bible for anyone looking to own a food truck. David has been through the process, and shares his wisdom freely.

Class is dismissed.

(credit: NYSF)


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