47th St Is Still Street Food Heaven

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

On Friday we made our first trip back to 47th St between Park & Madison Aves. since it was shut down by the police, and food trucks were banished forever.

There may be a cosmetic change, but it’s still street food nirvana on 47th St. Instead of food trucks (which are not technically legal in NYC), the block is filled with food carts (which are legal, and cannot be chased away by the police).

We counted 7 food carts on 47th St, and that doesn’t even count the food trucks that are still beng allowed to park on Park Ave.

On Friday there were the following food carts on 47th St: Kwik Delights, Wafels & Dinges, a smoothie cart, Mtblls (which is today’s review), Steak & Crepes, Katz & Dogz and Rafiqi’s.

On Park Ave around 47th St were another half dozen trucks at least, including Cinnamon Snail, Bo Dillaz, Paty’s Tacos, Souvlaki GR and a few more.

One difference in having food carts instead of food trucks is there’s actually less space on the sidewalk. Food trucks park in the street, leaving the sidewalks free. Food carts park on the sidewalk, leaving less room for pedestrians.

This just goes to show that you can’t thwart the will of the people. Maybe the NYC government will finally realize that people love food trucks, and let them park legally on the street.

They were certainly happy to have food trucks around after Hurricane Sandy, when over 350,000 meals were served to Sandy victims by food trucks, partly in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office.