Here’s Where To Find A Delicious Yet Inexpensive Cup Of Tea In NYC

Inexpensive Cup Of Tea In NYC
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There is an increasing demand for tea in NYC as tea culture has blossomed in The Big Apple. Tea food trucks have started to compete for space on the sidewalks with the ubiquitous coffee carts, and new tea shops have opened their doors to welcome connoisseurs of this beverage.
Moreover, an increased focus on health and wellbeing may also have contributed to the rising demand for tea. A New York Post report states that 37% of individuals are choosing tea over other beverages to reduce their caffeine consumption.
Having some tea at home can be relaxing, but drinking it at a place that has made brewing tea an art form can be a memorable experience. While having afternoon tea at posh tea houses can cost you at least $50, there are places where you can enjoy your favorite brew, along with some tasty eats, for less than that amount. Here are all the places where you can find and enjoy a good cup of tea in NYC, without breaking the bank.

For Classic Afternoon Tea

If you’re eager to taste different tea variants from around the world, you can sign up for a subscription to a tea of the month club, or you can drop by Alice’s Tea Cup. This is a popular afternoon tea destination for tea-loving New Yorkers, and they have locations at the Upper West and Upper East sides of Manhattan.
Founded in 2001, this whimsical tea house has more than 100 variants of tea, so you’ll need to ask for a separate menu just to see all of them. You can have a small pot of tea for $9, which gets you around three cups of tea. You can also go all out and treat yourself to afternoon tea, complete with some yummy treats.
Try The Nibble, which is afternoon tea for one for around $36. It comes with unlimited tea, one scone with preserves and cream, one sandwich, and assorted mini cookies.

For Asian-American Inspired Afternoon Tea

If you’re craving for an Asian tea experience, look no further than Nom Wah Tea Parlor in Chinatown. This tea house has been on Doyers Street since 1920, and they offer tea, dim sum, and Chinese pastries to their customers.
Nom Wah has become such an iconic spot in Chinatown that several movies and TV shows have been shot there, including the 2010 Ryan Gosling starrer “All Good Things,” and the NBC police procedural show “Law and Order.”
For a satisfying afternoon tea, take your pick from jasmine, dragon well, oolong, iron Buddha, chrysanthemum, bo-lay, or Earl Grey tea, which costs only $3 per person. Pair your tea with their house special roast pork bun and an almond cookie– having both, plus tea, will cost you just a little over $10.
Watch this video to get a glimpse into Nom Wah:

For Boba Tea

For the college crowd and most of Gen Z, having a tea break means sipping on some boba tea, which is a new and fun take on this beverage. For boba or pearl tea that won’t cost over $5, head on over to Shiny Tea at 2667 Broadway and pick up their classic Boba Milk Tea or Grass Jelly Milk Tea.
If you’d rather have classic tea without all the added ingredients, you can have a to-go cup of oolong, fresh jade, or jasmine green tea for $4.25. For a $5 cup of fruit tea, you can’t go wrong with their Mango Green Tea or Grapefruit Green Tea. Meanwhile, if you’re the adventurous type, try their Fruit Vinegar Teas, which cost about $4.75.
Tea is a wonderful beverage that can soothe, relax, and calm the mind and body. Consider visiting these places for a cup of delicious yet inexpensive tea, and enjoy sipping your favorite brew in NYC.