Vendy Awards Honor Those Who Helped During Hurricane Sandy

Tribeca Taco Truck serving free meals (credit: TTT twitter)

Two years ago the Vendy Awards instituted a Hero’s Award, for street vendors who went beyond the call of duty.

This year, things are a little different. Dozens of food trucks helped serve over 350,000 hot meals to victims of Hurricane Sandy. We had no power for 5 days, but that was nothing compared to people in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, who are still recovering in some cases.

This year the Vendys couldn’t narrow down the list of heroic vendors to just one, so in 2013 they are honoring the remarkable work of the community of vendors that served hot meals to victims of Hurricane Sandy in the storm’s aftermath.

Of course, these efforts would not have been possible without the thoughtful and effective coordination orchestrated by the New York City Food Truck Association (NYCFTA), so in addition to honoring the vendors themselves, the Vendy Awards are honoring the organization for playing this vital role.

Andy’s Italian Ices
Bian Dang
Big D’s Grub
Blend Express
Chinese Mirch
Country Boys Food Truck
Cupcake Crew
Domo Tacos
Eddies Pizza
Fisherman’s Dog
Fishing Shrimp
Frites & Meats
fun buns
GO Burger
Gorilla Cheese NYC
Gourmet To Your Doorstep
Green Pirate Juice Truck
Hibachi heaven
Jiannettos pizza and catering
Kimchi Taco
La Bella Torte
Mac Truck
Mexico Blvd
Mike n Willies
Milk Truck
Morris Grilled
Munchie Mobile
Now Eat This
Original Soup Man
Phil’s Steaks
Pizza Luca
Schnitzel & Things
Seoul Food
Solber Pupusas
Souvlaki GR
Taco Bite
Taim Mobile
The Treats Truck
Tribeca Taco Truck
Trusty Truck
Uncle Gussys
Wafels N Dinges

Thanks to everyone who helped anyone during this intense time of need.

Mexico Blvd & Korilla serving free hot meals (Mexico Blvd twitter)