The 2010 Vendy Award Finalists were announced today for the dessert category.  Just like the main category, there were some expected finalists and one curve ball.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck at the 2009 Vendys
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck at the 2009 Vendys

We expected to see Big Gay Ice Cream Truck as a finalist. They were a double Vendy Finalist in 2009 for Dessert and Rookie of the Year.  They had some of the longest lines at the event last year, and continually come up with great new toppings and ideas.  It doesn’t hurt that Doug could easily be a stand-up comedian, perhaps going by the name of Pancetta Crostini.


Same thing with the Dessert Truck (minus the comedy).  Jerome & company were Vendy Dessert Finalists in 2008, opened a store in 2009, and were back on the street in 2010.  Good to have you back on the street.


I must say that we expected Kelvin Natural Slush Co to be a Vendy Dessert Finalist.  We put out a Dessert Alert on July 22nd during their first week out, reviewed them 3 days later, and have been big fans ever since.  Like their new motto says – “Kicking Slurpee’s Ass Since 2010”.


Guerrilla Ice Cream also came on the scene with a bang, which is fitting since one of their missions is to highlight injustices around the world.  We put out a Dessert Alert for Guerrilla on July 6th.  Being the New York liberals that we are, we love their commitment to various social causes.


The wild card in the bunch is Yao’s Dragon Beard Candy on Canal St between Elizabeth & Mott St.  We have never tried their goodies, so here’s the quote from the Vendy Award website: “Watching them pull the sugar is observing true artists at work – it’s like watching a magician perform. The only thing more amazing than seeing the candy made is how it tastes. The whole experience is unlike any other dessert vendor I’ve come across in New York.”

Congratulations to all the Vendy Dessert Finalists.  We look forward to seeing you at the event on Sept 25th.